Strategy & Style Workshop Lessons


I am still on cloud nine from the incredible workshop I was able to host earlier this month. We had such an amazing group of women brought together for positive energy and inspiring conversations.

I wanted to share an overview of the event and some of the top takeaways I had for anyone that wasn’t able to attend! We are in the planning process for the next workshop and if you’re in Kansas City, would love to see you there!


In order to create and grow a business or blog, you must be crystal clear on your brand. Your brand is more than just a logo or the filter you use on Instagram. Your brand is a mix of who you are, who you want to be and who your audience perceives you as.

What does that mean?

It’s the words you use and your tone of voice, it’s the value + insight you provide (are you entertaining & funny or all about the education)? It’s who you are as a person and the reason WHY you created your brand. It’s your story, your journey, your unique perspective.

It’s better to be super specific on who you are and what you can bring to the table instead of trying to be an expert in several areas.

For example, you will better connect with your audience if they know exactly who you are, what you love, what you are able to help them with, etc. then if you hop from one topic to the next every day. For that reason, I always suggest honing in on one brand mission that will excite you and ties together all the pieces that makes YOU unique.

Social Media Tips:

We covered so many areas of building your brand on social media, but it all goes back to what is it that only you can provide? How can you take your unique skills and create content that connects with your ideal audience? The biggest tip here is to think about how you can best communicate and connect with others on social media. Is it through your voice (maybe consider focusing on IG Story) or through your words (cue the creative post) or by being creative in the content you share (make your photos really stand out!)

The other thing that will help you grow on social media is to focus on building a community. Think about creating a special series or creating content around your core brand message so that others can join in the conversation. Community is everything on social media. We are all using the app to connect and be inspired, so you will want to stop and think about everything you post to make sure it’s something that will do that for your community.

Photography + Presets:

It was so great to bring in Meg Cusick in to feature her photography + editing tips to help create a cohesive social media feed. While I take most of my photos on my iPhone, I love working with a photographer to also deliver beautiful photos that I can use to tell my story on social media. However, I know that not everyone wants to outsource their photos. So, one great way to build a cohesive feed is by using presets.

I recently started using Lightroom Mobile to edit my photos because I have heard that it works wonders on making your phone photos look more professional. I have played around with presets and realized that it works best to find one that is most similar to the style you like, but to make small tweaks to match your unique style. For me, I like my photos to be bright, crisp and with a hint of pink + yellow tones.

Other photography tips that I swear by…

  • Always look for the light! Shoot facing a window with even light

  • Source backgrounds, like a white board or marble slab to create a consistent look

  • Wipe off your phone or camera screen prior to shooting

  • Utilize a tripod for steady photos or to take your own!

  • Save your preset settings to Lightroom for a consistent look