I'm Kathryn Elise (or Kat for short). I am a wife, mama-to-be, full-time marketing strategist & business owner, and social media enthusiast based in Kansas City. 

I've been blogging off and on about my life + style since 2010, but have recently committed to making this online space permanent as a creative outlet to share my favorite finds and journey as I attempt to "balance it all." 

I launched my business, KES Studio in 2014 to help small businesses and entrepreneurs build, launch and grow their brands. And now, it's exciting to focus on my own interests with this outlet. I am still running my business - and loving it, so follow along for my marketing tips and tricks at @kes_studio.

Follow along as I share my life, lessons and lattes!


  1. Favorite color? neutrals - grey, white, cream

  2. Coffee order? almond milk latte

  3. Your uniform? white tee, denim & cognac mules

  4. Celebrity crush? Joanna Gaines

  5. Favorite food? mint chocolate chip ice cream

  6. Guilty pleasure? bad reality TV shows & online shopping

  7. Early bird or night own? early bird 

  8. If you could live anywhere else, where would it be? Charleston, South Carolina

  9. Favorite hobby? flower arranging...and fitness

  10. Favorite city? New York City

  11. Summer or winter? fall

  12. Running late or early? always early

  13. Ideal weekend plans? walking to brunch at the local French cafe with my family, sitting on the patio

  14. What always makes your day better? a balance of rest, work and relationships...and a workout

  15. Favorite podcast? to many to name! Empowered Mama for parenting. Being Boss for entrepreneurship. 

  16. Where are you most relaxed? on the beach, any beach - but ideally a secluded one with a cocktail

  17. In your group of friends, what is your role? encourager

  18. Irrational fear? someone breaking into my home and spiders

  19. What gives your life meaning? watching others build their business and live their full potential

  20. Most valuable thing you own? my dog - ha! and the diamond earrings my husband gave to me on our wedding day