Gifts to Give a New Mama


Now that I am almost 1-year into my motherhood journey, I have such a different perspective on what I would give to a new mama. When I was prepping for Ford to arrive, I was focused on folding his cute baby onesies and curating the perfect nursery. I tried my best to research baby items we would need and actually use, but it’s really hard to know…until you know.

I thought it would be fun to share the gifts I would give to anyone that is getting ready for a new baby. While it’s important to respect what the mom registers or asks for, I can tell you, I would buy these items time and time again…

Gifts for Baby

  1. Baby Shusher - this portable baby Shusher is a lifesaver! We used it throughout the newborn phase and took it everywhere with us. It makes nap time much easier and gives you a break from having to ‘shush.’

  2. Nose Frida - this is a must-have for any mama and not something I thought to buy myself! Pro tip: give this snot sucker with saline spray. Had no idea that you had to use the spray first!

  3. Sleepers (with zippers) - I ended up with lots of cute baby clothing in newborn sizes, but what I ended up using most and needing more of was baby sleepers with zippers! They make your life (and diaper changes) so much easier. Plus, cute clothes are fun and Instagrammable, but what baby will most likely wear those first few months are sleepers. This set that comes with 3 for $13 is our favorite!

  4. Hatch Sound Machine & Night Light - we still use and love this sound machine + night light! I highly recommend giving it to a new mom because it’s SO easy to use (you can control from an app) and will last for many years with baby.

  5. Clothes in sizes 9-months + - as I mentioned earlier, most new moms receive lots of cute clothing for newborns and then once the baby hits 6-months, you are ready for an entire new wardrobe! I really appreciate the clothing we received in larger sizes so I wasn’t having to buy new clothing every few months.

  6. Magic Merlin Sleep Suit - this sleep suit is truly magical! We used it for several months to help with sleep training. The size small works perfectly for 14lbs - 22lbs. We ended up using this from 6-months to 10-months and it was so soft, machine-washable and made bedtime much better.

Gifts for Mom

  1. Spa Day Gift Card - I still have a few gift cards I have been saving, but loved receiving gifts to pamper MYSELF. Being a new mom is challenging and most of all, exhausting. A gift card to get a mani/pedi, massage or facial is really something that can remind a new mom to go take care of herself!

  2. Soft Pajama Set or Robe - I lived in pajamas, loungewear and my robes those first few months between nursing and being sleep-deprived. I would definitely give a new mom a fresh set of pajamas to make lounging at home all the time more comfortable and to feel somewhat stylish!

  3. Gift cards for food delivery - While receiving pre-made meals is great, as a breastfeeding mama, I had major cravings (almost worse than when I was pregnant!) I would have loved to receive a gift card from my favorite places to pick and choose what I wanted to eat!

  4. Nursing/Pumping Essentials: Nipple Cream, Storage Bags, etc. - Again, not a fun gift but so necessary! A fellow mom gave me a bunch of nursing essentials and it was SO helpful. The Medela brand is a great option and is carried at Target!

  5. A Girl’s Night Out: I have to admit, it’s really hard being the first of your friends to have a baby. I am thankful that my friends still invited me to girls night and that was one of the best gifts! Give a favorite bottle of wine and note that sets a date for “girls night” once the mom is ready to partake!

  6. Necklace with Baby’s Initial: I have and love this necklace. It’s the perfect reminder of your sweet baby and looks cute with any outfit!