KES Coaching

You have a business that you believe in. 

Your product or service is unique & exciting.

But you are stuck when it comes to marketing...

That's where Kathryn Elise comes in...

Together, we will create a stylish & strategic marketing plan for your business that tells your story, transforms your brand and helps your business grow! Want the tools, resouces and insight? Let's get started on building your empire.



marketing planning

Imagine having a 12-month marketing plan, calendar and stragey that guides your communications for the year? If you want to have a stylish & strategy plan to conquer your big communications goals, this is for you!


social media

Stuck, uninspired or not seeing results when it comes to social media? Imagine having the tools, resources and strategy that can guide you through the step-by-step process for your brand. Let's get started!


PR + Influencer campaigns

You know the importance of PR and keep hearing about 'influencer marketing', but how exactly do you make it happen? Together, let's create a campaign that gets press & influencers excited about your brand!


How it works

If you are just getting started or need guidance before you launch your brand, this is a great option. KES will provide a questionnaire prior to the coaching session to learn more about your idea or brand, what is working vs. what isn't.

During the initial coaching session, we will dig right into your 3 three marketing questions and based on the discussion, will develop a plan that will work specifically for your business. After the session, KES will provide easy-to-implement steps to get your brand on the right track. 

what you receive

Based on the topic(s) you select, you will receive four months of coaching sessions that will uncover your brand's marketing strategy with actionable takeaways to implement into your business. Each session, KES will focus on a different area of your business to provide in-depth training and coaching.


  • Brand questionnaire and (1) initial coaching session
  • 12-month Marketing Calendar + Strategy
  • (4) 1-hour consulting sessions + resources
  • Follow-up after each session with homework