The Baby Products We Still Use & Love

Now that Ford is almost 9-months-old (how is that possible?) I thought it would be fun to share the baby products we still are using to this day.

When we created our registry (we used BabyList and highly recommend it), I was completely overwhelmed with how many baby gadgets there are. I think I spent HOURS researching everything, comparing prices and looking for cute options. It’s crazy to think that only a few of the things we purchased or received lasted more than a few weeks or months.

If I were to have another baby (not anytime soon), I would definitely pare down my list to the essentials. These are the few items we are still using to this day and would buy again and again…

  1. Hatch Baby Rest Night Light & Sound Machine - this nightlight and sound machine combo is a game changer. We started using this from day one of Ford coming home and se it during his naps and at night still. I love that you can set timers for his sleep schedule and that the app allows you to easily adjust the sound/light and timer from your phone! There have definitely been times when I forgot to turn it on and love that I can control from my phone. This is one thing I would give to any mama-to-be and highly recommend adding to your registry!

  2. Keekaroo Peanut Changing Pad - I could rave about this product all day. It’s a beautiful, well-made and functional changing pad that adds style to Ford’s nursery and is SO easy to clean. I would highly suggest a wipeable changing pad vs. one that is cloth and needs a cover. There have been so many accidents on this changing pad and it takes seconds to wipe down and go on with our day. I also love how soft, yet structured it is. Ford can still fit in it and it keeps him in place during outfit changes. We absolutely love this and it gets bonus points for being so chic! 100% worth the splurge.

  3. Fawn Design Diaper Bag - Real life, we have three diaper bags for Ford. Honestly, I love and use them all..but this one is the one we grab for everyday errands and life because it’s so beautiful and so easy to carry! I think a backpack style diaper bag is a must for a new mom. You don’t realize how many things a baby truly needs and this bag can not only hold it all, but will allow you to feel stylish while you tote it all around town. I keep this one packed and ready for our daily errands and I always feel pulled together when bringing it out and about. Plus, it has LOTS of pockets which is a huge plus.

  4. Wubbanub - Ford isn’t a huge Paci fan in the traditional sense, but I had to include this because he loves it! While he doesn’t use the Paci a lot, he does love holding it as a comfort toy and cuddles with the stuffed animal attached. It’s definitely a comforting thing for him! We keep this one in his crib for naps and at night to help him self-soothe. Plus, we take one to daycare when he needs that comfort item. Point is, this is a quality Paci that is also stylish and Ford LOVES it.

  5. Magic Merlin Suit - Sleep is the biggest struggle when it comes to having a baby. I feel like we went through SO MANY sleep sacks and swaddles before finding something that would work for us. I highly recommend registering for a few options or saving gift cards to purchase different swaddle options because every baby is different and the cost of finding what works for you does add up. For us, we used the HALO swaddle as a newborn, the Love to Dream swaddle to transition out of the traditional wrap swaddle and finally, the Magic Merlin Sleep Suit. Ford is still sleeping in the Magic Merlin. So, it’s gotten a lot of wear and has held up great. It’s such a cozy sleep suit that keeps him feeling cozy at night.

    6. Blooming Bath Baby Bath - We give Ford a bath every night before bed. He loves bath time! When he was a newborn, we bathed him in the kitchen sink in this blooming bathtub and it was perfect - so soft and cozy for him to lay on. Now, we still use it on the bottom of our bathtub to give a little cushioning. He is able to sit upright and loves hanging out in the tub. This gives extra padding for him and makes it easy to keep him steady when he’s enjoying bath time! 


These are the top baby items we still love and use to this day! What are your go-to baby essentials?