Ford's Neutral Nursery

I think Ford’s nursery is one of my favorite rooms in our home. I thought it was time I shared a blog post on what we did to create this special space and the items we bought to create his neutral nursery.

I know it’s common to do a theme for your nursery, but I didn’t like that concept. First off, I knew we wouldn’t be in our home forever and didn’t want to invest a ton into creating a space that potentially wouldn’t make sense if and when we decided to sell. Also, I love the idea of a neutral nursery as he’s a baby and transitioning to a theme when he is older based on something he really likes.

So, we decided to create a neutral nursery that would feel cozy, relaxing and would be functional for our family.

I started with the essentials: a fresh coat of paint (we went with a creamy white) and deciding on the crib. I typically gravitate toward neutral colors, but wanted something different for the crib. I thought a light grey crib would be a fun pop against mostly white/cream palette.

Backstory: when the grey crib arrived, I initially had a moment of panic thinking it wasn’t the right color and almost made my poor husband box it up after taking the time to get it set-up! Blame it on the pregnancy hormones because I am so glad we kept it. I creates a focal point for the room and hasn’t shown signs of wear and tear due to the color!

From there, I found a rug that had hints of grey + cream in it and looked for over essential furniture pieces including a glider, dresser (that also serves as his changing table with this changing pad), and book shelves.

Once all of the big pieces were set, I started to play around with the decor. I incorporated hints of neutral wood and brass to add some texture and style to the neutral nursery. This round brass mirror is a statement piece in the room and adds depth. Plus, Ford loves watching himself in it! I love these brass pulls we added to the dresser and these wooden hooks to the wall that hold his bath towel and diaper bags. We also decided that a floor lamp and side table would be good to have for late-night nursing sessions. Finally, I relocated this pouf from my office to be a foot rest for the glider.

For decor, I wanted a few pieces for the wall but wanted to try pieces that we could use for awhile. This ‘goodnight’ sign is a favorite that could be later moved to our bedroom. I also mixed in fun prints with wooden blocks to keep it playful. I also added hanging clouds that were homemade by Ford’s great aunt. They are such a sweet touch to the room!

We love how his neutral nursery turned out! What is the look of your baby’s nursery?