Ideas for a "Mom-staycation"

Last month, I had my first night away from the baby.

I told my husband that all I wanted for my birthday was a night away - to eat a good meal and for uninterrupted sleep in a comfortable bed. So, we decided to plan a staycation to celebrate!

I am going to be honest, I was so nervous about spending my first night away, but am so glad I started with a staycation because it was a good way to ease into being away from the baby, while also getting to relax. Especially since I have a weekend trip coming up…

Mamas, if you haven’t had a night away from your baby (ever) or if it’s been awhile, this was such a special treat. Even though I didn’t sleep my best because that night (1. I had a few cocktails for the first time in awhile and 2. had to wake up to pump), it was SO nice to be away and know that I would be okay, and so would the baby.

We ended up staying at the Crossroads Hotel in Kansas City, which is such a cool spot in downtown. I loved the modern ambiance and that it had everything we needed for a quick getaway: a beautiful hotel room, amazing restaurant for dinner & fun bar/lounge area for drinks afterward. Regardless of where you stay, I think just getting out of your house and normal routine makes it so much easier to relax and disconnect from the everyday tasks of being a mom. I honestly think just taking a long shower in a beautiful bathroom and sleeping in a fresh bed was all I needed to recharge.

Here are a few other ideas of things to do if you need a quick getaway…

  • Explore a nearby town bed & breakfast or spa trip (I also love The Elms, if you’re in KC)

  • Book a long spa day - treat yourself to a massage, facial, and the whole works (you deserve it)

  • Plan a day date - start with coffee, plan a fun activity that requires you to be off your phones, etc.

  • Go to an event or special destination you’ve been wanting to visit

What’s your ideal staycation?

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