You're Invited! Mommy & Me Meet-up at Monica & Andy

I am SO excited to host a Mommy & Me meet-up this Wednesday, March 27 from 11:00am - noon at Monica & Andy on the Country Club Plaza.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I hosted a Coffee Meet-up last month…it was so fun to get together with women, many of which are moms, and chat about life, business and chasing after passion projects. That meet-up was so inspiring, I have decided to attempt to host a new networking event each month with a specific theme. Since I love connecting with moms on social media, I thought it would be fun to take our conversations offline for this month’s meet-up!

Why Monica & Andy?

When I started the initial planning for this event, I was looking for a space that was baby-friendly and would offer a unique experience for moms to connect while bringing their little ones along. I had recently attended a music class with Ford at Monica & Andy and thought it would be so fun to enjoy that experience with other local mamas! Not only are they hosting, but we are making this a FREE event for KC mamas and littles! Plus, their clothing is seriously the best…but no worries if you aren’t in the mood to shop!

I also love the mission of this brand. If you aren’t familiar, they are an organic baby + kid clothing line that was created by a mom that wanted to create the softest, organic clothing for her baby. You can read the full story (so inspiring) here.

What can I expect?

I will kick off the event with a fun icebreaker so that everyone can get to know one another. We will follow that with the interactive music class led by Jammin’ with Jenny! She is so wonderful with babies of all ages (we took Ford to his first class when he was 5-months-old) and he LOVED it. We will end with sips & light bites. Of course, I understand that time is limited with your littles, so it will be open for everyone to come and go once the music portion is over! We will be wrapping the official event around noon, but feel free to stay after to chat afterward.

What should I bring?

Bring yourself, your baby or toddler (suggested for 3-months to 4-years-old, but no restrictions) and an open mind to meeting other mamas! Have multiple little ones? The more the merrier! The store is VERY baby-friendly, so they can accommodate your diaper bags, strollers and car seats. Of course, bring any other essentials for your littles. There is no cost to attend this event and the music class includes instruments and other fun entertainment.

Who is this for?

Any mamas and their littles in KC! Whether we have met in real life or just Instagram, I love connecting with new people and this is a great way to make new mom friends!

What is the music class like?

Jamming with Jenny will lead the class, but it does involve parent interaction. It’s a fun way to learn new songs and techniques to entertain your littles through music. The class is very interactive and she does a great job of keeping babies to kids of all ages entertained! Like I said, we loved attending this class before and are planning to make it a part of our regular routine.

Where is the store located?

212 Nichols Rd, Kansas City, MO 64112 (next to Tivol and Restoration Emporium). There is street parking or a nearby parking lot by Forever 21 or the Starbucks.

I look forward to meeting other mamas at the meet-up! Can’t wait to connect and spend a fun afternoon with you and your littles!

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