Thoughts on 30


It’s hard to believe that I am entering a new decade. But I think I am really excited about what my thirties will bring. My 20s were a rollercoaster. So much change and unknown’s. I really feel like I discovered who I was in my twenties, but also had to go through a lot of emotional experiences and big changes to get to where I am.

I am excited to enter this new season of my life and thought it would be fun to recap my twenties before closing that chapter and to share what I am most looking forward to as a 30-something.

To recap my twenties…

I lived in NYC. I danced on rooftops. I fell in love. I graduated college. I worked at a PR startup in KC. I started a blog. I traveled a lot and finally went abroad. I made friendships that mean so much to me. I quit my job and became self-employed. I went to Vegas more times than anyone should in a lifetime. I got a puppy. I got a fiancé. I got a husband and a house. I volunteered. I started an event company. I got paid by brands to post about their products. I worked for a fashion show. I traveled some more, but mostly anywhere with a beach. I started freelancing. I turned it into a full-time business. I was broke. I hit 6-figures. I had a fancy office. I spoke at six conferences in one year. I became burnt out. I hired people. I fired people. I got in the best shape of my life, thanks to rowing. I worked from home. I got pregnant. I had a baby and everything changed. And now here I am turning thirty and I feel like I’m totally starting over in so many ways. 

Things I am looking forward to in my thirties…

  • Being more confident in myself

  • Focusing more on my health + happiness

  • Traveling more and experiencing new places

  • Evolving my business + blog

  • Watching Ford growing up

  • Growing closer with my little family

Thank you for following along on my journey!

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