Monday Musings - 04

It’s been awhile since I have shared my weekly update and that is because things have been a bit crazy around here! Between balancing work, celebrating my 30th birthday early to getting Ford ready for daycare, it’s been a whirlwind this last week. I am so excited to get back into a routine! Here are the five random things on my mind lately…

  1. I am hosting a coffee meet-up!

    Honestly, I am so nervous that no one is going to show up. I really wanted to host a coffee meet-up because I really believe that meeting in-person is so powerful. I love the honest conversations I am able to have on social media, but would love to connect YOU. I’ve been asked what the coffee meet-up is and who it’s for and wanted to recap that it’s for anyone! I want to create a safe, friendly and fun environment to connect, collaborate and caffeinate in real life. Instead of scrolling through Instagram while you sip your coffee, let’s take those conversations offline and enjoy others company! I will be working on a few exercises to prompt conversations and hope that it will be beneficial for women of all backgrounds and experiences to support one another. Save the date: the meet-up will be held at t.Loft (State Line location) on Saturday, February 23 at 9:30 a.m.

2. What foods have you introduced to Ford?

We started making our own baby food for Ford 2-weeks before he turned 6-months-old. I knew he was ready because he was constantly hungry and never seemed to get enough. We started with mashed avocado mixed with breast milk and have since introduced sweet potatoes, banana and cereal. I was really against baby cereal at first because there are no nutritional benefits, but we decided to try it after he eagerly took the other healthy foods that I had made for him. I only am giving him organic cereal with breast milk to keep his tummy full, but will be trying to make his food 95% of the time. It’s all about balance, right!?

3. What is your office set-up? It’s so cute in your Instagram outfit pics!

I re-did my home office when I found out I was pregnant. I know that I would want to be home with Ford for the first few months, but would need a place to work and be productive, when possible. I already had that room set aside as my office space, but since I had been working in an office building downtown for the last two years, it needed some sprucing up. I used a lot of the furniture I already had from my downtown office (the desk, the chair & shelving), but added this futon and a fun shag rug to make it cozy and cute for work or if we ever needed to host anyone! We do have one full guest bedroom, but it’s also nice to have the futon for when my younger niece comes to visit. I also love going to Home Goods or Target for affordable decor that can make the room feel fun!

4. Where is your ‘Tired as a Mother’ coffee mug from?

I received this as a gift in the White Confetti Box and am obsessed! It’s so cute and would make a fun gift or an expecting mom. You can find the gift set here or order the mug.

5. If you had to buy only 5 things for a newborn, what would you get?

The things that worked best for us and I think would be helpful for any baby are 1. zipper sleeper pajamas - these are so soft and easy to get off an on! Ford lived in these the first few months. 2. this activity mat - we have honestly used this every day since Ford was around 3-weeks old for tummy time and eventually for playtime and learning to sit-up, scoot and now crawl! He no longer plays with the hanging toys, so we took that part off and he still plays on it with his toys. 3. this sound machine has been so great for naps and bedtime! I love that it can be controlled by an app and has a variety of settings for light, sound and even a timer. I think we will continue to use it even as he gets older! 4. this changing pad - we didn’t buy a traditional changing dresser and instead opted to get this pad to sit on top of a dresser. It’s wipeable, which makes messy diaper changes so easy! 5. This baby carrier was a total lifesaver for us the first 4-months. Now that Ford is mobile, we don’t use it as much but it got lots of love those first months especially when running errands or just when Ford was fussy in general.

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