Baby-proofing with the adorne Collection by Legrand

At our fourth month appointment, our pediatrician dropped the hint that it was time to start baby-proofing our home because Ford won’t be stationary for much longer. Cue the tears and panic!  

I knew he would be an early crawler because he’s constantly moving around like a little worm, but it just seems SO soon. They really do grow up so fast, so hold them tight while they’ll let you.  

We had nothing to baby-proof the house with and honestly didn’t know where to start. My biggest concern was our outlets and any electrical cords. You don’t realize how many you have until you have to find a way to find them and keep them safe! I know there are outlet protectors we could buy, but those didn’t even look entirely safe. They are essentially little plugs to put in the outlet, but I’m sure even those would get figured out eventually by this little guy. 

My husband, being quite handy, suggested we try switching out our outlets for something safer. I seriously had no idea that was an option! We live in an older home that we completely renovated, so the outlets are pretty standard. I loved the idea of just upgrading them and then not having to worry about our little guy’s safety.

We found the adorne Collection by Legrand and knew these would be the perfect addition to our home! Not only does the adorne Collection by Legrand have so many baby-friendly options for outlets, dimmers and covers, but they are so sleek and stylish! 

We decided on a mix of pop-out outlets and covers that would allow us to push in the outlet to keep our little one safe when not in use. They are seriously so cool! We also loved their variety of color options for the wall plates. This brass cover is seriously so fun.

The Process

The install process was pretty easy, I mean, I mostly watched. But my husband and FIL didn’t haven’t much trouble getting it all set up. They essentially took off our old wall plates and recepticals and then matched the ‘hot’ and ‘neutral’ wires. Once installed, we just tested it to make sure they were good and that was it! It only took about 5 minutes per outlet to install. 

I love that the pop-out outlets have several plugs (3 per outlet) and can easily pop in and out, but wouldn’t be something baby could figure out.  

To make the project not feel overwhelming, we started with the rooms that we use as a family most including our finished basement and living room. Luckily, the nursery only has two outlets and both are covered by either the dresser or bookshelves, so we didn’t have to do anything there. Eventually, we’d like to finish our entire home!

This was such a great project to do BEFORE baby started to crawl, but I feel like it also added extra style and functionality to our home as a family. We now have more ways to plug in our daily essentials (phones, laptops, etc.) while keeping our house safe. And that’s what is most important!

 This post is in collaboration with the adorne Collection by Legrand. A product line we tested and used before sharing our review on! We truly loved their products and would highly recommend for any new families!

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