Winter Outwear Essentials

I may be one of the few that actually enjoys winter fashions. I love layers and anything cozy, so I have no problem with bundling up. For me, it’s all about the outerwear! A fun coat can seriously make or break your winter look. This season, I invested in a few fun pieces to wear for everyday and special occasions.

  1. The Sherpa Bomber - I wasn’t sure how much I would wear this jacket, but it’s now on my weekly rotation. It’s just SO versatile. I’ve worn it over my gym clothes for a more chic look post-workout. I’ve worn it for a night out when it was too cold to go sans coat. I’ve worn it to brunch with jeans and a basic tee. It’s so good. I love the gold zipper details and how soft the Sherpa is. For the price, it’s a great quality and looks more high-end then some of the other jackets I’ve seen. This is a must if you love feeling cozy, but pulled together!

  2. A Fun Faux Fur - Again, this wasn’t a must-have…but I am so glad I brought this one home with me. I found this at Lady Bye boutique and it sold out quickly. I think any fun faux fur jacket is such a statement look this season. I’ve worn over a black jumpsuit for a fancy dinner and with leather leggings and a turtleneck for a work event. I’ve received many compliments and love how it can elevate a simple look.

  3. Classic Coat - This coat has been in my closet for several seasons now. It’s been a favorite for awhile and I am thinking about investing in another color. That’s how great it is! I love that it’s a heavy wool and will keep you warm, but the fur collar gives is a little flair. I’ve worn it to football games and over my everyday clothes, but it could be dressed up as well! Such a classic piece that never goes out of style.

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