January Review

I know, January felt like the longest month ever. But I honestly kind of enjoyed it. Call me crazy! For me, I feel like I got to get so much accomplished in this verrryyy slow and cold month. I thought it would be fun to recap everything that happened - at least the big moments. 


I started the month off with the flu. Not the most ideal way to kick off the New Year. So, I spent the first week on the couch with no voice and very little energy. But taking time to rest felt so good. I don't remember the last time I've taken time off like that. Besides, it seems like almost everyone had the flu at some point this month...so my clients were super understanding.

Once I recovered, it was back to regular classes at Health House for me. I am committing to 3-4 classes per week and also walking at least 30-minutes each day. It feels so good to break up my day with a workout and I always feel better after going to class. 


After taking the first week off, I got right back to work. January always seems to be a dramatic month for me when it comes to business. January was the month I launched KES Studio four years ago, crazy to think it's been that long. And it's a month where I typically look at my partnerships, clients and work to make decisions on what needs to stay, and what is no longer serving me. It almost feels like a detox. Hard to do, but so worth it. Without getting into all the details, I did make a few difficult decisions to cut clients that no longer were the right fit. While it's scary to make those decisions, it feels incredible to have a client roster that I love working with and that also appreciate the services I offer. Less is sometimes more. 


The theme of this month was speaking + workshops. I hosted several presentations and secured a few other speaking spots for events and conferences later in the year. I started with hosting a 'Goal Setting' workshop with two different groups, which led to a 'Branding' presentation for college students and wrapped with a 'Goal Setting Workshop' hosted in partnership with Bumble Bizz and my fellow creatives, Ruthie Stark Photography + Melanie of KC Style Scout

Speaking and hosting workshops was one thing that got put onto the backburner in 2017, but it felt so good to take on those opportunities. I feel like making time to do something you love is so worth it. If you are interested in attending our next event, here is the info: 

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