5 Ways to Get Noticed on Instagram


Building a brand on social media can lead to so many emotions...on one hand, it's exciting to grow a following, but there can also be negative experiences that make you question putting your brand out there. Regardless, I feel so thankful that social media exists. Without it, I may not be a full-time business owner. I certainly wouldn't offer social media strategy and management as a service for my business! And I also wouldn't get to make connections that can be so meaningful.

With social media continuing to grow its impact in having a brand, I thought I would share my top tips for getting noticed on social media, specifically Instagram. 

1. Share your story!

Sounds obvious, but it's so true. The point of social media is to get an inside look at your life - or business and you should be giving your audience that! From sharing behind-the-scenes of my work life to getting real about the struggles of being an entrepreneur, I get the most engagement when I am sharing my REAL story as it's happening!

2. Speaking of stories...don't neglect your IG Story

Instagram Story hasn't been a feature for long, but it's already starting to take over how we consume social media. I remember when Instagram launched the Story feature and thinking how nervous I would be to share my face...and to talk to my camera. But I have learned to embrace this addition to the platform and have seen the best results from creating value-based content on my IG Story that my audience wants. From sharing business tips to advice, this is the place to break things down. One thing that has helped me to plan content specifically for IG Story is to create weekly series where I focus on a specific topic each day. For example, I host 'Tuesday Tips' and 'Sunday Q&A' to answer any questions and share valuable content on all things marketing. 

3. Engage, engage & engage some more!

Instagram is not a one-sided relationship. You must engage! While providing stylish, valuable content on your feed or story is helpful...you also have to use the platform to get social (literally). From following the right people that fit your brand to having daily interactions with your favorite influencers, staying engaged is key! Also, don't forget to respond to any questions or comments in a timely manner. I try to get back to everyone in at least 24-hours!

4. Get creative and collaborate!

Speaking of engagement, if you want to build a following on social media...you will want to think about how you can make your brand stand out from the rest. One of the best ways to get noticed on Instagram is to collaborate with other like-minded accounts or influencers. Get to tagging! The more you can collaborate and share other accounts, the more you will tap into new followers and get noticed. Think about giving a weekly shout out to your favorite account and possibly ask for them to reciprocate! Or host a giveaway that your audience would be excited about. And don't forget to tag all parties in any content that they play a role in..i.e. the makeup artist that did your hair for that shoot or even your friend/photographer that took your photo. Give credit where credit is due!

5. Join a group or form a pod

More collaboration ideas...because sometimes commenting and interacting isn't enough! They call it 'social' media for a reason. One way to help get noticed and build your brand on Instagram is by forming a pod or group of like-minded accounts that will commit to engaging with your content. Essentially, you want to find accounts that you would naturally engage with and invite them to join your Instagram Pod! The commitment is simple: everytime you share a post, send it to a group message on Instagram and require that your group will 'like' and comment on your post. It's a great way to build a community and get more engagement so your content gets seen!

That's a wrap! Hope you enjoyed these tips on how to get noticed on Instagram! 

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