Father's Day Gift Ideas

I can’t believe Father’s Day is almost here! That means that June is almost halfway over, which doesn’t seem possible. This is an extra special year, as we are celebrating my husband’s first Father’s Day. Thanks to all of you for your creative suggestions on gifts for the dad’s in your life!

First off, I want to give a little love to my husband for all he does. Not only does he work really hard in his career to help support our family, but he takes on a lot of our daily household duties. He loves to cook and often is the one that makes dinner for the family. He’s a handyman that takes on all of my unnecessary projects around the house, but he also happily takes charge of the important ones. And he is very tidy! He helps keep our home clean and doesn’t put all the pressure on me to do the housekeeping. Finally, he’s a very hands-on dad which is probably my favorite thing that he does for us. I think it’s so important for Ford to see that men can be loving, can work hard at their career, but also be really involved with the family and home life. So, here’s to you - Justin!

Here are a few gift ideas for the incredible dad’s:

Creative/DIY Projects:

  • Wood Sign or Letters: paint ‘D-A-D’ wood letters (you can find at home stores or craft stores) and take a picture of your kid(s) with it each year. To make it more fun, have the kid(s) help paint the letters!

  • Grilling Kit: Pick up all the essentials for Dad’s favorite meal to grill and include a mix of spices, rubs, grilling tools and a new apron or grill basket!

  • Custom Photo Book: Have your favorite photos of dad printed in a photo book!

  • Dad’s Favorite Things Basket: pull together a gift basket of things Dad loves to use from gift cards to his favorite stores, restaurants and shops to little everyday items he can’t get enough of. If I did this for my husband it would include a gift card to his favorite neighborhood bar, a supply of chapstick, new sunglasses (that aren’t too expensive if they get lost), a 6-pack of Boulevard Beer, and gift card for the barber, a new workout shirt, etc.

Fun Experiences:

  • Sporting Game Tickets: treat Dad to a night at the baseball stadium or soccer game, along with a new shirt to wear

  • Night Out / Staycation: book a babysitter and plan a night away with Dad at a nearby hotel or just enjoy a fun dinner out (bonding time is the best gift for a guy). Another fun idea is to give him a free pass for a night out to grab a drink with friends

  • Fitness Package: gift dad a membership to a new fitness studio or gym he’s been wanting to try or find an online program you think he’d love (my husband loves Health House in KC). Pay for the first month or as many as you can! Pair with a new gym bag and water bottle.

  • Create a Game Room or “Man Cave”: loved the idea of cleaning out the clutter (and kid’s toys) to create a space in your home just for Dad. Whether it’s a new office, a game area or a relaxing place for him to enjoy all of his favorite things. Do the tidying up the night before and plan a big reveal or create a mock-up of how the space can look, along with the gifts so he can see what it will look like!

Cool Gifts:

  • Carnivore Club - a subscription service for cured meats delivered to your home! Perfect for the dad that loves to grill

  • Yeti - I gave Justin this Yeti for his birthday and it was a hit! Fill it with the specialty cooler packs and his favorite beverages to make it more fun

  • New appliance or grill - pick something fun and different that he loves from a popcorn maker to pizza oven or something for grilling that he can use for his favorite foods! Westlake Ace Hardware has the best selection for grilling supplies!

  • Car Package: if Dad loves his car, come up with a package for his favorite “toy” including a gift card to get his car detailed and for the car wash!

  • New Outfit: who says Dad’s don’t care about looking good? Treat him to a new outfit for work for the weekends to complete his “dadiform”

  • Stock the Bar: stock the bar with all the essentials for his favorite drink. My husband loves a good Manhattan.

  • Sprezza Box - this is a great style box for fashion-forward men that want to try new accessories (think FabFitFun, but for guys!)

Local Favorites (for my KC friends):

  • WishWash Laundry: treat dad to a laundry service so that he doesn’t have to fold, press or iron his laundry! My husband is obsessed with this service and uses it for all of his work clothes. Mention my blog for a $15 discount on your first order (KathrynS).

  • Charlie Hustle: they make the best t-shirts if you need a simple gift!

  • The Gent’s Place: treat Dad to a membership at The Gent’s Place in Park Place - it’s a man’s dream place for grooming, shoe shining and other pampering treatments in a manly environment.

  • Kansas City Box: offers really incredible gift boxes that are well-curated and offer products you would actually use for a variety of occasions including options for Father’s Day. I have my eye on the Father’s Day BBQ box.

  • Membership to Goldfish Swim for Father/Kid Swim Lessons: my husband loves taking Ford to his swim lessons. It’s such a fun bonding experience and also is so educational. Mention my blog to get $50 off your first month (KatS) or visit this link.

What is your go-to Father’s Day gift or tradition?

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