Airing my dirty laundry

I always heard the phrase, “it takes a village to have a baby” but never understood until I became a mom. 

You guys, it truly takes a village. 

And I’m so thankful for mine.  

I feel like I’m in this awkward limbo where I am technically working full-time and bringing in a profitable income, but also don’t have full-time care for Ford. Some days are really challenging trying to balance both; but it’s my reality and there are moments that I realize how lucky I am.  

But the thing is, I don’t feel like I fit in sometimes because I don’t fall into one "category” of mom.

Yes, I work.

Yes, I run a business.

Yes, I am home sometimes.

Yes, I have flexibility in my career to do fun daytime activities with Ford (when I want).

But it’s not always easy to juggle my client work (I work with 10+ brands at a time), blog campaigns and being a mom. Let alone trying to maintain the house. That’s my least favorite role and one I always put last on my to-do list.


So, I have learned that it’s okay to ask for help - a nanny, part-time daycare and a long list of people in my “village” that help make our day-to-day tasks happen. I’ve learned to outsource a lot in order to make this situation a reality. Did I mention how expensive it is to have a baby? 

But the biggest lesson is to let my village take on the tasks I can’t always do or don’t want to do. And one of those tasks for my family is: laundry.

Yup, you read that right…I no longer do my laundry. I love it. My husband really loves it. And it’s one big thing that I can check off my list without having to do it myself.

I recently enlisted WishWash Laundry to help our family and it has been the best decision.

All I do is customize the plan that works for us - right now we are doing weekly services, but may eventually cut back to bi-weekly. I throw our laundry into the bag they provide each week and they pick it up on a pre-set day. I love that they send a quick text reminder! They handle the cleaning and will even fold or hand your clothing on hangers and have it returned within the next business day.

Also, they offer dry cleaning which is a total game changer! I was the worst at waiting until my dry cleaning was piled high before I would make that trip.

You can learn more about Wish Wash Laundry and to see if they serve your neighborhood on their website. Because this is a service I use, love and recommend, they so kindly have offered a special discount to my followers. Mention my name or blog to receive a special discount off your first laundry service!

So, now that I’ve aired my dirty laundry…I would love to know, what is the one “house” thing you no longer do?

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