Monday Musings

One of my favorite things is helping you guys find solutions to make motherhood (and life in generally), easier.

I decided to start sharing some of the FAQ’s I have received over the previous week and will share a weekly roundup every Monday with the tips and ideas. I hope this will be helpful to YOU! I love receiving questions or requests for product links, so please don’t hesitate to reach out. From my favorite coffee drink order to baby tips, I will share a mix of topics! Hope this is helpful!

What did you use for your breast milk pops? Did Ford like them?

I got the idea of making breastmilk popsicles from my sister-in-law (who also has a blog, too!) Ford has been teething for the last month or so and wants to suck/chew on everything! But mostly, loves sucking his hands (or my nipples - ha!) After some research, I found these Dr. Brown’s silicone teethers that can be used for a variety of ways. For now, I froze extra breastmilk into this baby food tray and then added the cube into the teether for him to suck/chew on. He LOVES it. It’s also great because he is learning to hold the teether on his own. Eventually, I will use these to add pureed baby food for him to try as we start to introduce food around 6-months. These are not super messy (as long as the milk is frozen). Love them and this brand is great!

Where is your office rug from?

I got this Moroccan shag rug on sale and have had it for 2 years now! It’s held up pretty well, considering it’s in the room I get ready in (hair + makeup). I don’t wear shoes typically on the rug, so I’m not sure how clean it would keep if I it were in a high traffic area (like your living room), but it’s so soft and chic for a bedroom, office or closet. I also let Ford play on the rug while I get ready and he loves how soft it is for rolling! You can find it on SALE ($60 off right now) here.

How do you prep (beauty/skin/etc.) for a big event?

I TRY to get a monthly facial (either Dermaplane or HydraFacial) at Bare Med Spa. Ask for Nikki (Leawood) or Tracy (downtown), both are amazing! I think that helps keep my skin looking fresh and glow-y, especially if I know that I have a big event coming up. If I don’t have time for a facial (like, recently #momlife), I will do an at-home mask. I am trying to stick to all-natural options right now that I am breastfeeding. I swear by oils for my body and skin. They are safe and give you a natural glow! I pick up my oils from Whole Foods. I also love getting a spray tan (I go to HOOPLA in Fairway, KS) because I feel much more confident with a little tan. Finally, I love getting pampered and will get a blowout or my makeup done at Posh KC Blow Dry Bar. Honestly, it’s SO nice not having to worry about hair/makeup. But if I don’t have time for that, I will use this Tarte eyeshadow palette for a bold eye. I always prefer a bold eye + soft, neutral lip.

What are the leggings you are always wearing?

I know everyone swears by the Lululemon Align leggings, but I actually prefer the Wunder Under 7/8 legging. I do have both though! The Align leggings started to pill (not sure if that’s just me?) and while they were great when I was pregnant, I overall like the material and fit of the Under Under better - I have two pairs and wear them ofter for working out, walks and running around. The other leggings I wear constantly are my Spanx! They have a luxe look with the faux leather and can be worn so many different ways. Plus, they are SO flattering.

What’s your Starbuck’s order?

Right now, I am loving an iced almond milk macchiato from Starbucks or if I go to my neighborhood cafe, will get an almond latte with coconut oil. I swear my order changes every few months though! I TRY to stick to non-dairy milk and something that isn’t full of sugar. But I do love a good vanilla latte every now and then. Sometimes, you just have to treat yourself!

Have a great week! Please keep sending me questions on social media!

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