Postpartum Health: Getting my smile back

One thing I did not prepare for during pregnancy was how much the hormones would affect my overall teeth and gum health. I’ve always had to take extra care of my teeth. It’s the one thing that hasn’t been easy for me, ever! I literally have to brush and floss more than the average person to keep them healthy.

Being pregnant can cause your teeth and gums to become much more sensitive. Which means, if you are pregnant - be sure to add a trip to your dentist to your to-do list AND prepare ahead by investing in a toothbrush that will keep your teeth looking their best. Seriously, I wish I had done this!

After using an electric toothbrush (a pretty basic version I bought at Target) for awhile and not feeling like my teeth were looking their best, I decided to do some research and found Smile Brilliant. I was given the opportunity to test out their new CariPro Ultrasonic toothbrush to see if it would help make a difference. I was looking for a toothbrush that would be gentle on my sensitive gums, really cleanse my teeth and make them look shiny and bright! After 3 weeks of testing out this toothbrush, I am obsessed (didn’t know I could actually enjoying brushing my teeth so much) and feel like it’s been such a change in my smile.

Instantly, I loved how CLEAN my teeth felt after each brushing.

The toothbrush has a timer for each section of your mouth and goes through five steps to help cleanse your teeth. I typically start with the ‘Cleanse’ setting and then move through the other options to help whiten and massage my gums. There is even a setting for sensitivity! My teeth look and feel so fresh after each cleaning, which wasn’t always the case before.

The other thing I noticed is how gentle the toothbrush feels, especially on my sensitive gums.

TMI, but my gums would bleed sometimes (especially during pregnancy) and now they hardly do. I honestly believe it’s due to the less harsh brush strokes on this toothbrush. I can just tell my smile is brighter and I am excited to see even more results after using it longer.

The other thing I’ve been super impressed with is how long the CariPro Ultrasonic toothbrush stays charged. It has a 30-day charge and I still haven’t had to charge it after 3 daily uses for the past few weeks! Such a bonus if you travel or are just too busy to remember to keep it charged.

Overall, I am so happy with how much my smile has improved and am hoping to get my teeth and gums looking their very best. It’s so hard to take care of yourself as a new mom, but so important. I love finding and trying products that help me feel more confident and are convenient and this toothbrush definitely checks everything off the list!

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