Monday Musings - 03

This week has been so off…Monday felt like a Sunday, so this week’s Monday Musings post is a bit late…whoops!

In other news, it’s still freezing cold in Kansas City and although stores are bringing out spring clothing, I am still bundling up in sweaters. Hopeful that this snow will melt soon because the cold, grey days seem to make everyone tired and a bit in a mood. Just me? Here are a few of the FAQ’s I received last week. Enjoy!

Tell me about your nursery! Love the little bit you’ve shared.

I LOVE how Ford’s nursery turned out! To be honest, we didn’t go overboard with decor. We kept it simple, neutral and functional. I figured that once Ford grew up a bit that we could customize his room to his interests, so I didn’t want to go too heavy with a theme. I found a lot of the pieces for cheap, too! I love this round brass mirror and found a matching brass floor lamp (both under $50). His dresser is from Ikea, we just added brass knobs to it to feel more updated. With the brass accents, most of the furniture is white/grey/neutral wood, which feels clean and relaxing. We keep most of his toys in our living room in this white chest, which I love!

Any updates on Ford’s sleep?

Guys…it’s been rough this week! Ford was sleeping through the night or up 1x between 4 months and now. But this past week, he must be teething and is struggling about waking up and going back to sleep. He goes to sleep fine, but then when he wakes up, he is having a hard time going back to sleep. I am exhausted! But I am sure this will be a short phase. We are sticking to our bedtime routine and light CIO to stay on track.

How do you find time to blog?

Great question! I honestly do most of my blog writing on the weekends and schedule out posts for the week. I like to pick a few topics to discuss each week and will plan that out at the beginning of the month. I only have 4-hours a day with my nanny and the majority of that times goes to running my business or necessary errands (working out, groceries, etc.). SO, blogging is really my weekend/nighttime hobby! Because I enjoy it, it doesn’t feel like “work.” I love having a creative outlet after helping other brands during the working hours.

Which natural beauty products are you testing?

I will share more on this soon! I am trying a mix of products from local shops, like Hand & Land in Leawood, Trader Joe’s finds (so affordable and pretty clean!) and a few highly recommended products from Beauty Counter. More to come on this…

Your hair is amazing! What do you use? me it is NOT, but thank you! I am struggling with major postpartum hair loss. It started right at 4-months and was really bad between month 4 and 5. I do feel the daily hair loss is slowing down as I enter month six, but it’s left me with thin patches. I naturally have a deep part, which makes it feel so obvious to me! Right now, I am trying to use natural haircare products and not washing my hair everyday. I do want to warn you that when you don’t wash everyday, it makes the hair loss feel like more, but that’s because you aren’t naturally shedding in the shower (if that makes sense). I love UNITE products and also buy a lot of cheap, but clean products from Trader Joe’s!

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