Monday Musings - 02

Happy Monday! This week already feels off to a weird start...fingers crossed it will be as productive as the last! We got hit hard by a snowstorm and ended up stuck inside all weekend, which was nice and relaxing minus our WiFi going down. And then Ford went to bed with an upset tummy, so I’ve been praying that it’s nothing serious...

Anyway,  I’m back again with the top FAQ’s from the week. Hopefully, you find this helpful! Don’t forget to send any questions throughout the week either via DM or comment on my posts! I’ll be sure to answer.

1. What did you end up wearing to the KC Influence event?

Remember when I said I bought a new dress and heels? While I loved the dress I bought, but when I put it on the night of the event, I just didn’t feel like “me.” So, i found my trusty black dress joggers (seriously, I’ve had these for years) and a sparkly wrap top I bought for NYE and called it good! I felt super comfortable in it — and like myself. Always, dress for yourself! These are the new classic heels I bought and did wear. Love them! They made me feel like a boss. I haven’t worn classic heels in so long!

2. What are some of your skin essentials? I saw what you shared on your vanity... 

I’m in the process of revamping my skincare routine. I’m making tha switch to using all natural products due to breastfeeding and honestly, feeling so much better about it! I’ll share what works best after a few weeks of testing it out,  but I do love these: rose misting spray (before applying makeup), tea tree oil (for breakouts) and this serum for nighttime use.  

3. What did you decide to do for baby food?

You guys sent the best tips and ideas! Seriously, I’m SO thankful for all the suggestions...we are going to go the Baby Led Weaning route. I still have some learning to do, but this seems best for our family. I’m also NOT buying the baby food maker and will instead get this food processor. We already have a nice blender (this one) and food steamer. I also have a food tray (this one) to prep and store any purées ahead of time. Remember that teether I used for the milk pops? We also can add frozen foods to those for him to try! So, we should be good to make our own and I feel much better about it all. I got a list of great ideas of foods to start with and avocado was the most recommended. We are going to mix it with breast milk the first time. I’m hoping to start by the end of the month! I’ll be sure to keep you updated. 

4. Tell me more about the workshop!  

Yes! I’m SO excited about this. Basically, I’m hosting a Strategy & Style workshop to help creatives build, launch or grow their brand. We’ll be covering everything from brand messaging to social strategy and my friend, Meg Cusick will be sharing insider photography tips to help you create captivating content! You can get all the details here. There are only a few spots, so it’s an intimate group and there will be lots of time for sharing ideas to help support one another! Would love to have you there!

5. Did you get a new ring? 

Eek, yes! My husband surprised me for a Christmas with a new engagement ring. Insane! We are coming up on 5 years of marriage in a September, so it’s a mix of first year with Ford + our anniversary gift. He pulled it off with the help of the girls at Glitters Fine Jewelry! I seriously had NO idea it was coming. When I first saw the box, I assumed it was another stackable ring, like the gold one I wear on my right hand middle finger. So, when I saw the shiny diamond ring, I literally froze and shut the box. It didn’t feel real! I wasn’t planning on doing big gifts this year (let’s be real, Ford is the big gift), but he went all out. I didn’t want to share much about it since it’s personal, but I so many have asked I thought I would explain why I’m wearing the new one!

That’s all for this week! Hope you all have a great Monday and let me know if you have any more questions! 

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