Unexpected Gift Ideas for a Mama-to-Be

We received so many sweet gifts (beyond the baby showers) from friends, family...and even a few people we've never met to welcome our baby! It's always so unexpected and exciting to receive a thoughtful gift from someone 'just because'. I think those gifts might be my favorite! 

I wanted to share a few ideas of the unexpected gifts we loved receiving before baby and that will hopefully help anyone that has someone expecting in their lives! Note: this list doesn't include any items we registered for. I wanted to share the truly unexpected items!

1. Gift Baskets


I love a beautiful gift basket, especially when it's filled with essentials you really can use! I received a few unexpected gift baskets throughout my pregnancy.

One was from friends during our spa weekend that they surprised me with to kick off our relaxing girls weekend! It was filled with essentials to relax and unwind, which I definitely needed. The basked was filled with a candle, notebook, La Croix, chocolates, individual face masks, and body butter. Plus, they arranged everything in an adorable cloth basket that I've already put to use in our home! This was such a thoughtful gift and was a great way to remember to take care of myself...because I am growing a tiny human after all! And it would be so easy to re-create with a trip to Target!

The other gift basket that I received and loved was from Kansas City Box. They offer a selection of curated boxes for a variety of special occasions, along with custom box options! I received the 'Little One' box and it was filled with neutral accessories and gifts for baby and mama including a soft teething ring, teddy bear, tea, baby moccasins, soft baby socks, body butter, and more. It also came in a wooden keepsake box, which is truly a gift in itself! I plan to use to store our baby sonograms, cards, and a few other important items. I liked that many of the items are from local brands and it's always fun to try new products from small businesses. I love this box so much, I definitely plan to keep in mind as an 'unexpected gift' for the next baby shower I attend!

Not technically a 'gift box', but I also received a subscription to the Bump Box early in my pregnancy and it was such an exciting way to celebrate! The boxes are filled with essentials for mom during her 1st, 2nd & 3rd trimester. This would make a fun gift for a mama that doesn't live nearby and will definitely be unexpected in an exciting way!

2. New Mama Essentials

There are so many things that mama needs for pregnancy through postpartum, and as a new mom, I didn't always know what I needed. So, when I received several 'mama essentials' from a friend I literally breathed a sigh of relief! I think it's so easy to give gifts specifically for baby, but mom deserves some things, too! A few items I really appreciated receiving unexpectedly are: nursing pads (cloth and gel), belly butter (for after baby - since my pregnancy stash was almost gone), nipple cream, etc. While these gifts are not glamorous, they are the ones I know that will get the most use and will come in very handy! Plus, it saves me a trip to Target once baby is here. Trust me, a new mama doesn't always know about these 'hacks' and she'll thank you later.

3. Something Handmade

There is something so sweet about a gift that is homemade. While I am not the most crafty person myself, it was so exciting to receive a few handmade items. Anyone can purchase an item online or run to Target, but to make something feels so thoughtful! A handmade gift I received that I loved was a crocheted baby blanket. My sister gifted us baby's initial that was spray painted a soft blue for the nursery. Another more simple gift was a frame with a photo printed of our baby announcement, while not truly handmade, it was sentimental and something I didn't think to take the time to do! Anything with a personal touch will be much appreciated by expecting parents. 

4. Date Night Plans

Okay, this gift was such a good idea! A few family members chipped in and gifted us a Visa card to enjoy over a date night before baby is here. They insisted that we had to use it for a date night and since they waited to gift us this until the end of pregnancy, we gladly obliged! We can't wait to celebrate our last dinner and a movie as a family of two before baby is here (when I am 38 weeks) and it's so kind to have received the money to cover that expense. Again, another smart idea for a new mama that already has what she needs or if you just want to gift something different that diapers, onesies and swaddles!

Have any other suggestions for unexpected gift ideas? Let me know!