35 Week Bumpdate

Here we are...35 weeks pregnant and it’s starting to hit me that this baby is coming SOON! I’ve had such a great pregnancy (healthy, happy and not too miserable), so I’m kind of sad knowing this phase will be over soon. 

I remember hearing SO many horror stories about pregnancy before we found out and just waiting for the “bad part” of pregnancy to begin, but it hasn’t. Minus a few normal discomforts, my body has handled growing this baby really well. I’m kind of impressed! 


I’m feeling good physically, but the reality that we are in the “unknown zone” of when baby will arrive is starting to make me anxious. Emotionally, I’m doing okay - it’s a mix of excitement, nerves and an unexplainable feeling warning me that my entire world is about to change. 

My belly is starting to drop, which makes sitting upright harder, but breathing much easier. I’m still feeling kicks and movement all the time, but they feel more forced as there is less room for baby to move around. I’ve also started having a few random Braxton Hicks and pressure in my pubic area. All signs that my body is preparing for this baby to enter the world. Crazy!

I did some major nesting in the last few weeks of my third trimester, so it feels good to have a clean home and organized nursery. Getting the nursery finished was such a (mental) priority for me!  I’m waiting on a few last minute orders to arrive, but otherwise we are set!


I am still going to weight lifting classes at Health House. I was doing 4-5 classes a week up until 30 weeks or so, but now I’m slowing down and am proud to make it to 2-3 classes a week. I modify in class as needed and have decreased my weights. If I need to take a break, I do. It’s a balance of getting in a good workout, which is both mental/physical for me and listening to my body. Also, for some reason it’s easier to work out in the morning that evening. I feel too tired/full by evening to make it to class.

Besides working out, I also love walking outside with the dog, so that’s another way I stay active. However, there’s been a few times when I get sharp pains down below while walking, so I try not to push too hard.

At this point, I’ve gained nearly 25 lbs. I was hoping to gain a total of 25-35 lbs this pregnancy, so I feel good about that being so close to the the end. Plus, I’m not super swollen. So, most of it is in my belly and hips. Overall, My weight gain has definitely slowed down the last week or so. And I’m less hungry! There is just no more room for food and my belly doesn’t seem to want to grow much more. We’ll see...I’ve heard that there can be extra growth at the very end. Just hoping for no stretch marks, since I’ve made it this far. 


My appetite has significantly decreased these last two weeks. I can no longer eat large meals without feeling miserably full. It takes so long to digest and is just not worth the belly ache! 

Lately, I’ve been loving the same foods...egg bites or avocado toast for breakfast, big salads with extra avocado for lunch and steak for dinner. I’ve had a few days where I just eat small snacks instead of traditional meals. For snacks, I’m still loving fruit, hummus & pita, trail mix, cheese & crackers, peanut butter & apples, etc.

My “bad” cravings have slowed down. The only unhealthy foods I want anymore are sweets. I love frozen bananas covered in dark chocolate, chocolate almonds, Talenti gelato, and iced coffee. 


We’ve accomplished a lot! We had all of our baby showers in June (four to be exact). The nursery is done (minus a few pieces of decor that still need to be hung). Our house is clean and pretty organized. The hospital bag is almost fully packed. And we did our hospital tour.  So, feeling really good with where we are at! 

We have a few baby classes to get through including a breastfeeding and birthing class. Meeting with our pediatrician this week. Lots of Thank You cards to write. And the big thing left is getting our car seats installed and inspected.

I have not ordered the breast bump because I’m waiting until the very end - insurance covers this cost only after baby is here. I also have a few work projects to complete for my business before passing it over to my associate. But I’m in the home stretch!

At this point, my focus is wrapping up work projects, resting and preparing my body for baby, and keeping the house clean. Overall, I feel really calm and am not trying to get overly stressed with work. The countdown is on and we’re so excited for this sweet boy to arrive! 

I know I’ve done everything I can to prepare for baby. And that no matter what, baby is coming home to a loving home and that’s what matters most.