20 Week Bumpdate

And just like that...I am halfway through this pregnancy! How did that happen? Technically as I am writing this, I am 21 weeks pregnant but thought I would share an update now that we have reached the midway point. 

To be honest, the last few weeks have been busy with my business so I haven't had a ton of time to think about the baby. Luckily, I have felt my best once I hit the 16-week mark and continue to feel better as we go through this journey. There have been a few interesting moments, but for the most part, I feel lucky to have not had any major sickness or issues, thus far.


One area that I received a lot of feedback + advice on from my 1st-trimester update was regarding my skin. My skin completely reverted back to my teenage years during the beginning of my pregnancy! I had cystic acne, redness & irritation and felt like every morning I woke up with my skin looking worse. No matter how hard I exercised, how much water I drank or what I ate - nothing seemed to make a difference. It honestly made me very self-conscience and discouraged.

Since around 18-weeks, I am happy to report that my skin is FINALLY back to normal! Dare I say, I even am starting to get the pregnancy glow that everyone raves about! A few things that have been a game changer for me: 100% Tea Tree Oil (purchased at Whole Foods). I dab a tiny amount using a Q-tip on breakouts or problem areas each night (my cheeks are my problem area) and I feel like my skin looks fresh and more clear every morning I use it. I've also found a great, all-natural Tea Tree Oil Cleanser from Trader Joe's. I did switch out my cream moisturizer for a more serum-like version made for acne prone skin. It's the Shea Moisture Charcoal Moisturizer (found at Target) that treats acne and moisturizes the skin at night. These three products are all I am using and I feel 10x better about my skin! 

Beyond products, I've been eating much healthier in my second trimester. I've had fewer cravings and am eating more balanced. I've also cut way back on dairy and carbs, which always makes me feel like my best! Overall, I am so thankful that the acne was a short-lived issue and that I am finally feeling more confident in my skin. 


Most of my cravings have subsided at this point...and I am hoping that doesn't change! So far, I haven't had any 'weird pregnancy cravings.' My biggest cravings have mostly been healthy, like peanut butter - love it on its own, with fresh fruit or for dipping hunks of dark chocolate! I also love cold salads topped with avocado (my go-to lunch) and smoothies. Anything cold and fresh always sounds good! I did have a week (around 19-weeks) that I craved the Almond Dream protein shakes from t.Loft and literally had 4 that week! Luckily, it's just a super healthy protein based shake, even if it takes like a milkshake. 

I've finally gotten my taste back for meat, but prefer steak and am still not eating a lot of fish or chicken. I love steak on salads or with a side of butternut squash Zig Zags from Trader Joe's! The only "cheat meals" (I try to have 1 per week) have been the steak tacos from Chipotle. I had never had their tacos previously! I loved Chipotle previously (as a cheat meal), so this isn't too surprising. 


As of now, I am still keeping up with my workouts. I gained a huge surge of energy around 16-weeks and got back into my regular workout routine of 5 classes per week at Health House. This month has been crazy busy with my business, so I've set a goal of making it to at least 3-4 classes per week to not over exert myself. I still feel great during and after a good sweat!

I have noticed that heavyweights are getting more difficult each week. I'm reaching for the 10lb & 12.5lb weights in class more than my usual 15lb weights...and that is okay! I am also starting to do more modifications during ab work in class. Ab work gets really hard once you get a real bump! Luckily, Health House offers benches in all classes so I can prop one up for more support on my back & belly during weight lifting. 

I am hoping to keep up my fitness routine during this entire pregnancy, as I do think it's a huge part of the reason why I am feeling so good. On days I can't make it to class or am too tired, I take the dog for a walk or use our treadmill at home for around 30-minutes. I've also started to add yoga into my weekly routine! I've loved the prenatal classes I've taken so far (at Innate Yoga + Yoga Patch, both located in Waldo area). 

Body Changes

Woah. I wasn't expecting my body to change so drastically overnight, but it did. Right around 20-weeks my belly completely popped, which is funny because I thought it was looking big earlier (that was mostly bloat though). Now, I have a clearly defined baby belly. And I am learning to embrace it! For the most part, I love that I now have a belly and don't look like I am just gaining weight. But it has been a mental shift to learn to embrace my changing body. There have been times where I worried that I was gaining too much or looked bigger than I should...but I've learned that everyone’s pregnancy journey is different and that as I grow, it's all for a beautiful reason. 

As for clothing, I am still in a few pairs or non-maternity, stretchy jeans but just got the Bella Band (from Ingrid & Isabel) and will try that out. I don't think I am quite ready for maternity panel jeans, as the majority of my weight gain has been in my belly -- and boobs! I'm so ready for warm weather to be here for good so I can make the switch to comfortable dresses! I've started to stock up on a few from Nordstrom & Old Navy (non-maternity) that show off the bump, but are cozy.

Other weird changes I've experienced...my hair has been growing crazy fast. Meaning I also have to groom/shave more often. I've also had some hair breakage around my forehead. This may be TMI, but I am SO glad that constipation and bloating hasn't been as bad in my 2nd trimester as it was in the beginning! I am still taking a daily fiber supplement to stay regular. Also, my gums have been super irritated lately and I am trying to brush + floss multiple times each day to keep them in shape. 

Other than a few emotions about growing larger and body changes, I feel really good right now! I guess it's true what they say about the 2nd trimester! 


The best part of it all has been that we have found out the gender of our baby and everything is on track for our August 1st due date. Baby is healthy and that is really all that matters!

We decided not to plan a gender reveal party, as we already have several baby showers on our calendar. Instead, we told our parents and a few close friends after we found out and will make the official announcement on Easter. For my parents, I put together an Easter basket with these Hearth & Hand eggs and put colored candies in them to share the gender! It was a fun way to share the surprise without planning a huge announcement.

I have started the registry process now that we know the gender! We’re focused on neutral baby gear + clothing in shades of cream, white & grey. I’m still researching the products (there are so many options) to see what will work best for us! If you have any suggestions on products that worked best, I’m always open to suggestions! 

That's it for now! I've enjoyed sharing these updates as they happen and am hoping it will be a fun way for me to remember everything I am experiencing on this journey. Let me know if you want to hear about anything in particular!