4 Month Baby Update

This sweet boy is 4-months-old! I think this stage is my favorite. He’s developing a personality, learning to sleep longer than a few hours at a time (finally) and each day our bond grows closer. I still can’t believe he’s mine and some days I have to remind myself how amazing this journey is, even if I’m covered in spit up and haven’t showered in days. Life is good and I’m starting to feel like I’m getting the hang of this mom thing. Here’s what’s been going on...

Growing & Learning 

Ford weighs around 15lbs now and it’s a true arm workout when carrying him around. But I am not complaining because I feel like he will soon not want to be held anymore. He already enjoys doing more independent playtime, so I don’t have to hold him 24/7.

He is starting to get more and more interested in toys - touching, feeling and watching them while entertaining himself! We bought him this 3-in-1 activity gym as his big Christmas gift and he just started to play with it and reach for the toys. I love his little reactions when he realizes he can move or reach something! It’s amazing to watch your baby learn. He also still loves his play mat and can play with the dangling toys on his own now. I try to switch them up so it feels new everyday! This is probably our #1 most used baby play item since we started using it for tummy time around 3 weeks old. 

He’s also more interested in everything we’re doing. Gone are the days when I could breastfeed with a reality TV show on or watching IG stories. He now will get distracted and wants to watch, too! I’m not totally comfortable with him having too much screen time, but know it’s not 100% avoidable, so we are limiting it as much as we can during the day. He even is intrigued when I take photos of him now and will watch or laugh at himself! 

The laughs. The tickles. The smiles. Ahh, it’s all so sweet! I’m trying not to be that mom and gush about her baby, but this is the cutest stage!  

Sleep & Feeding 

Sleep is getting better, but still isn’t consistent. We’ve had some nights where he sleeps through and it’s amazing and others where he is still wanting to nurse at least once. For the most part, he is still up at least 1x each night. He’s also starting to teethe, so I think some of the fussiness and discomfort at night is from this. I can tell because his cheeks are so rosy and he’s constantly drooling and sucking on his fingers. Overall, I know it could be worse, but it’s hard when every night is so different!

For naps, we have to get a first good nap in or he unravels and won’t sleep well for the rest of the day. He now understands that he sleeps in the crib and sometimes struggle to snooze while we’re out and about, which was so easy a few months ago. We still get the occasional nap in the car seat or stroller, but it’s not always a guarantee like it was before. So, we really try to get at least one good morning nap in before taking him out and about.

For feedings, we’re working on offering the breast less (ha). As much as I secretly love breastfeeding, it’s getting too hard with my schedule. I need a little more flexibility. We give him a bottle 3 or so times in the day now, mostly when our nanny is here but are starting to offer at night as well. We’re pretty much exclusively using the Dr. Brown’s bottles (1st step) but i think he’ll be ready for the next level soon! Our goal is to get him comfortable with the bottle so that  we can consider daycare option and to have my parents watch him overnight (hopefully by January!) 

Favorite things and growing out of…

Ford loves:

  • Exploring toys and anything that is super colorful with different textures

  • His new activity gym and still loving his activity mat

  • Anything he can chew on, especially this soft beaded teether

  • Getting tickles and belly rubs (especially ticklish around his neck)

  • Going on walks - still likes the carrier, but we use the stroller more now

  • Books and bath time

Ford is growing out of:

  • His 3-month clothing, officially in 3-6 or 6-9 month clothing

  • His swaddle - we are transitioning his arms out with this swaddle

  • His swing and other bouncy seats, minus the MamaRoo, he's getting too big!

  • He recently stopped using the Paci, but not sure if it’s a temporary phase

Our Favorite things right now:

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