Holiday Gift Guide: Ford's List

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Even though Ford won’t technically remember this Christmas, it’s still his “first Christmas.” We are doing a few gifts for him - nothing over the top, but also had to give ideas to family members. So, I created Ford’s Wish List with a mix of items he needs, will enjoy or can use in the future. Here is what we came up with:

  1. Toy Chest - we didn’t buy a toy chest when designing Ford’s nursery and I know it’s something that we will want as he starts to grow his toy collection. I don’t love clutter and we need more storage in his room, so this is a great gift idea!

  2. Activity Center - we already purchased this gift and gave it to him! Whoops. He LOVES this activity center and I know he will get lots of use out of it because it’s a 3-in-1 that will change to an activity stand and play table once he’s older.

  3. Teething & Food Essentials - it’s time to start prepping for teething (he already is drooling like crazy) and introducing solid foods (around 6 months). So, I added a lot of fun teething and food introduction essentials to our wish list for Ford. These silicone teether’s are great because they allow baby to suck on them (we will put frozen breast milk inside to start) before giving solid foods. We also didn’t get any baby spoons or mats, so it’s time to stock up on these!

  4. Winter Accessories - it’s sad how quickly babies grow out of their clothes! I try to stick to a few onesies, pants and sleepers that mix-and-match so we can get as much wear out of a few things before he moves up in size. To make his outfits more fun, I love bibs (plus, he drools SO much they are necessary now), hats and socks or booties to make him more stylish - ha! I added a few to our wish list to spice up his basics.

  5. Developmental Toys - we have so many books (a good problem), so I am only asking for toys that have some developmental feature. I am less into the flashy toys and more into the classics - anything in wood with bright colors that makes baby think and learn as he plays. I love the HABA brand, along with Skip Hop. I also know that Ford will be crawling soon and have heard this toy is amazing for when he does!

Not featured: we are also asking for baby proofing essentials, like baby gates and socket protectors, etc. Not pretty or fun, but SO necessary once baby starts crawling and exploring.

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