5 Minute Fashion: Winter Basics for a New Mom

Getting dressed always ends up being the last thing on my morning to-do list. After feeding the baby, pumping, taking care of the dog, attempting to feed myself (a.k.a coffee time) and getting everything ready for the day, there’s just not a lot of time left to think about what I am going to wear. Plus, I am running all over the place. So, I have to get ready in a look that works for work errands, meetings & photo shoots, and taking care of the baby. Quite the feat. Here are my current winter basics that have been on repeat and can be worn in so many ways. Seriously, just throw it on and go!

Peplum Blouse

If you are a new mom, a longer length blouse is your best friend. Especially one with a peplum hem! This one is so flattering and has a nice movement that adds instant style to your look. I love anything longer in length and not super fitted right now, so this blouse meets all my requirements. Plus, it works with denim or can be paired with leather leggings. If you work in a traditional office, I think it would be cute with fitted trouser pants, too! Seriously, give me all the flow-y blouses because this mama isn’t quite ready for anything too form-fitting just yet.

Blanket Scarf

I love a good blanket scarf in the winter, not only for the functionality purpose (it’s cold in Kansas City), but because the extra layer adds instant style to any winter outfit. When I used to work in retail, we had to wear three layers at all times because it looks more “pulled together” and I’ve always kept that philosophy in mind. Drape over your shoulders and you have an instant layer with a cozy texture for your outfit. I also love pairing this scarf with a basic sweater or long sleeve top to add a print into the mix. Because of it’s neutral colors, this scarf works with everything!

Chelsea Booties

I’ve always been a heels girl. Until I became pregnant and my feet hurt all the time. Now the thought of running around in tall heels with the baby makes me laugh. I still love a good bootie, but it needs to have a more realistic heel. Comfort is key! I love these Chelsea booties that I picked up on sale because they go with everything and look so chic. I definitely feel like these have a modern vibe, but can work with any denim, my go-to leather leggings or would even be fun with a dress! These are a must for the winter if you don’t want to think about your footwear.

Other pieces in my wardrobe I consistently grab…

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