Two Month Baby Update


It’s hard to believe that our sweet baby boy is two months old! It felt like the first few weeks were moving at a slooowwww pace, but now everything is going full-speed ahead. 


Baby Ford is growing and developing by the day. He weighed in at 11lbs and 22 inches long at our two month appointment this week! It’s incredible to watch him grow and learn something new on a daily basis! I swear his face and ability to make new expressions gets sweeter each day. The most exciting part? His ability to laugh, smile and coo at us! He loves starring at our faces or looking at himself in the mirror. He tries to mimic sounds and changes his mouth to get out the little coos. I love that he can respond to our faces and I can calm him just by making certain noises or looking at him.

Besides being a talker, he’s getting physically strong. He can push up on his arms during tummy time and holds his head very steady and straight up! He loves looking around and is starting to grasp at dangling toys or mobiles. He’s also really into his arms and hands…from sucking on fingers to watching his hands move. Hes even started to grab on things, like my face, jewelry and hair! Now I get why so many new moms chop their hair...


Sleep...let’s chat sleep. Every week has its challenges. Ford has always been a good sleeper, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Daytime naps are still not great, but are improving. He’s getting better about falling asleep on his own while we are out and about! Some of his best naps recently have been when we take him to brunch or an outdoor patio in his car seat! Win-win for us all.

For naps, I’ve been transitioning him into the Love to Dream “Swaddle Up” swaddle during the daytime. He is starting to wiggle his arm out of the regular swaddle, so this is a nice option that keeps his hands up! Plus, he likes that his hands are up so that he can suck on them to soothe himself to sleep. He is typically giving us 3-4 daytime naps with the first around 7:30am (he wakes up between 6:00am-7:00am) followed by another around 10:30am and one longer nap in the afternoon. He wears this swaddle for at least two of the naps and those are usually the longest. We occasionally will get a long (2 to 3 hour nap) and it’s the best feeling for both of us (rested baby + productive mama). But, I’m learning to take what naps I can get! 

At night, we are starting to establish more of a routine. He wants to eat for longer stretches around 6:30pm and starts to get sleepy by 7:00pm. We feed him, change him into the swaddle, turn off the lights and rock him to soothing sounds in our room by the bassinet before laying him down. By 7:15pm, he’s in our room ready for bed. It sometimes takes a few tries to get him to fall into a deep sleep, but once he is down, he will sleep for 5-6 hours before his next feeding. I am learning to take the first 30 minutes he is down to finish up work and get ready for bed, so that I can get as much sleep as possible. Meaning, most nights I’m in bed by 9pm. We sometimes can do a “dream feed”, but I’ve learned that when he is in a deep slumber, not to wake him.

Growing out of…

It’s funny how fast babies grow out of their things! Ford is starting to lose interest in some of the products we loved his first few weeks, like the Snuggle Me Organic. When he was a newborn, he would take a lot of his naps in the Snuggle Me, but he is already starting to get too big for it and doesn’t want to sleep in it by day (prefers the bassinet in our room). We will definitely keep it for the next baby, but I am a bit disappointed that we didn’t get more use out of it. On the plus side, he is not attached to a baby lounger which will hopefully make it easier when it’s time to transition him to his crib. We have been getting lots of use out of our Boppy Lounger by day, he loves sitting in it as I get ready for the day.

Favorite Things

He is starting to gain interest in black & white or bright colored toys. We love this wooden rattle and also have a few colorful toys that he will hold, touch and look at. He is also becoming more interested in books, but maybe it’s just listening to us read to him. Either way, I love it!

When it comes to baby contraptions, Ford is still loving his Graco swing and Mamaroo. These get used daily when I need to get something done quickly! If we had to choose, I think he prefers the swing though…

He still loves the baby carrier, but is also getting more comfortable in his stroller, which is a nice change of pace (literally) because carrying an 11lb baby on a long walk gets exhausting.

We are officially out of newborn-size clothing and into 3-month clothing, even if some are a bit big. Our favorite clothing are these kimono-style onesies because they are easy to get off and on (he wore the newborn and is now in the 3-month) and these Burts Bees pants. I love that he has his own ‘capsule wardrobe’ of cute, neutral pieces that are easily mixed and matched.

Finally, Ford still prefers breastfeeding. We are still working on getting him to take a bottle and it’s taking more work than I had anticipated. Right now, he prefers to breastfeed in the morning and evening, so I am getting our nanny and my family members to give him bottles during the afternoon. We’ve had the most luck with the Comotomo and Dr. Brown’s, but some days he prefers one over the other. More update as we get this figured out.

I feel like each month gets more fun and it’s so exciting to watch our baby grow and to build a close bond. I can’t wait to see what we get to experience together this month!

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