How Motherhood Has Changed Me

Someone asked me how I’ve changed since having the baby as a biz owner. Not only is my business evolving, but I am also growing as a person. Let me count the ways...


My time is so limited, even with a nanny and helpful husband. I’ve become much more intentional with my time. I’m always looking at the clock and timing everything out perfectly, something I never worried about before. Is it time to feed? Is it time for his nap? How much time do I have before he gets fussy? Questions I am always asking myself…Time becomes so precious because you’re trying to keep baby on a schedule and fit in your life while he sleeps!

When I’m with baby, I try to give him 100% of my time and vice versa.

Even with help, I now have less time to be out and about. Meetings, photo shoots, TV segments, anything work related that requires me to be physically present is hard and has to be strategically planned. Especially when you’re a #breastfeedingmama. I’m still working on finding our balance when it comes to work and baby, whatever that is. But for now, it’s 2-days with the babe and 3-days dedicated to the biz and blog. I will say, I am much more productive with my limited time than ever before! I can now fit in a week’s worth of work in 2 or so days! What was I doing with all my time before baby?!

The other challenge of time is that it goes so fast. Baby is constantly growing and developing. If you don’t attention, you can miss something! So, remembering that even during the hardest times that it will go quickly. Embrace it all. 


Similar story. My energy isn’t always as high as it once was. Meaning, I am more strategic about when/where/how I use it. I’m very selective of work projects now. When it comes to business, I only want to do things that I’m very passionate about vs. are a good opportunity. I’ve had to trust my gut a lot on this. If it’s not a ‘heck yes!’, I have to pass. I’ve said ‘no’ and ‘not right now’ to a lot of opportunities. At the same time, I’ve been taking on new kinds of projects that require less of my energy (and don’t require me to be physically present), which is funny because before baby I would give all my energy to my business and clients. Passion over money is my motto right now, which is a bit strange for me!

On a personal level, I am also needing to refuel my tank more. I need to make sure I’m functioning at my highest level, so my family and business can keep running smoothly. So, sometimes that means working out to relieve stress, but sometimes it means taking that time to nap instead. As someone that used to workout 5-days a week, it’s weird not being in my favorite classes daily. I am now only going 1-2x per week, but that’s all the energy I have for fitness right now.

Self-care is a challenge as a new mama, but is so important. Even if it’s just 10-minutes of my day, I try to do something for myself. 


Anytime you go through a major life transformation, like motherhood, it’s normal for your interests to evolve with you. I’m constantly learning, researching (a.k.a Googling) and trying new things. Becoming a mother is entering a whole new world. But it isn’t lonely! There are so many other mamas there to cheer you on! You suddenly get the ‘empathy smile’ when shopping at Target with the baby and it’s always something that connects you to other women that are moms. You suddenly get it - the struggles, sleep exhaustion, abundance of love. So, of course I’m more interested in baby-related things and connecting with other mamas. And I’m sharing more of that right now because it makes sense to me!

I think my interests are still evolving and I am excited to see where it takes me.


On a not-so-serious note, my style has changed SO much. Mostly because my closet is connected to our bedroom, which baby is sleeping in. I’m constantly tip-toeing around to find something to wear or getting ready in 5-mins while he’s happy playing.

Jeans, cardigans, v-neck tees and tennis shoes are my essentials these days. It has to be comfortable and breastfeeding-friendly. Thankfully, my clients don’t mind what I wear - within reason!

I’ll be sharing my mom-approved capsule wardrobe soon! 

Those are just a few areas of my life that have and are constantly changing. I’m just trying to embrace it all!