Month in review: March

Not sure where the month of March went, but it was a total blur...between Go Blog Social's 3rd annual conference and Kansas City Fashion Week's 9th Fall/Winter '16 showcase, the days seemed to fly by. I feel like that's always happens when springtime hits. Winter is slow and steady and spring starts to build up and once it gets going -- it's full speed ahead. I wanted to share a little update on a few of my favorite things and what's been going on the past month or so. 

We had a full house at the Go Blog Social 2016 conference hosted at The Gallery Event Space in the heart of the Kansas City Power & Light District. There was something so special about this event. The positive vibes and energy, paired with educational presentations made the experience unforgettable. If you are looking for a beautiful, modern space to host your next event or special occasion, I highly recommend The Gallery. We had the best experience working with their team. They went above and beyond to make our event seamless. Also, thank you to my hardworking team for making this event a success (Sarah, Katelyn + Ashley)! Our next conference will be held in St. Louis on May 14!

In March, one of my fashion idols visited her hometown of Kansas City. I had the incredible opportunity to meet Kate (formerly Spade) Valentine at her official launch event hosted at Halls Kansas City to unveil her Francis Valentine shoe collection. I was able to attend the press conference beforehand and tried not to be overly excited by the opportunity to be in her presence in such an intimate environment. The new line is gorgeous and takes hints of style that she is known for - bright colors, metallics and embellishments - that she's been known for. Definitely a highlight that I will never forget!

Kansas City Fashion Week's 9th season kicked off in mid-March, but my work for the event spanned most of the month with our press campaign. As the PR Director, I handle the event marketing, public relations, press and influencers campaigns, and social media -- which is no light workload. I ended up securing over 10 segments, which meant most of my mornings were spent visiting various TV stations. From interviewing our designers to showing a preview of the runway, and getting to hear stories from our models, it was another success media tour for the books!  

Since the bulk of my work takes place BEFORE the actual events for Kansas City Fashion Week, I get to experience the full ambiance of the events once it's here. We had nearly sold out shows each night (700+ attendees at each!) and featured over 20 designers over the course of the weekend. Since I handle the live social media content, I get to run from backstage to the press pit to caputre all of the fun moments. I was able to wear a stunning gold sequin gown by local designer, Natalyia Meyer of Lucia's Sarto and have never felt more amazing. Always honored to support local designers!

With it being such a busy month, I definitely overdid it on my caffeine intake. Now, I am gearing up for a 30 day cleanse with plans to eliminate gluten, dairy and sugar from my diet. With summer around the corner, it's time to get in tip-top shape before our upcoming beach vacations. Plus, I want to feel healthier. Working long days (and nights) paired with unhealthy habits and  coffee has taken a toll on my body. It's time to get back into shape -- to get more sleep and to feel better mentally and physically. If you have any healthy recipes or tips, send my way!

I will be back with more tips and updates soon!  

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