Favorite Spots to Work in #KC

So, for the longest time I thought that I needed an office outside of my home. I did my research, toured several places and even had a lead for one spot that I thought was going to be "it." But it just isn't the right timing for my business, at least right now.

After working from home in my little #KESoffice (a spare bedroom on our second floor) for over three years now, I've learned a thing or two and one of those things is: I like getting out of my home office to work. While my most productive days are without a doubt spent hammering out work with my favorite Pandora station on in my little office, sometimes you just need fresh air and a change of scenery.  I've done my fair share of 'co-working' at various coffee, tea and other little spots around my hometown of Kansas City and want to share the local love on my top places to work when you need to get out of your home (or regular) office. 

If you want to find me on a regular basis, these are my go-to spots (in order).

1. T.Loft Tea & Juice Bar - plaza: quiet, spacious area for working + multiple outlets!              Okay, I know they are one of my clients but I swear this was my go-to spot waaayyy before. I started as a regular at the Park Place location, but quickly transitioned to their Plaza store when it opened this past summer. The decor is kind of my dream - shades of soft gray, crisp black and white, which makes the perfect backdrop for any photo opportunity. Plus, their fresh juice is seriously the best in town. Get the 'Alive & Alert', you won't be disappointed. Honestly, this spot makes the top of my list because of the atmosphere. It's clean, modern, calming and very spacious. The perfect place to set up shop because there are plenty of tables and outlets!

2. Parisi Cafe - leawood: white tables (perfect for IG snaps), almond milk lattes + cozy vibes        I got hooked on Parisi Cafe a year or so ago, as I am constantly in the Leawood area for client meetings. This spot quickly became a weekly go-to for me because their artisan coffee is probably the best I've ever had. Plus, they offer almond milk as a sub! I also immediately fell in love with their modern, white top tables - again, perfect for IG snaps on-the-go. I frequent this location so much that their staff knows my name and order, which is something to be said. The people watching vibes can be distracting, so don't forget your headphones!

3. The Roasterie Cafe - downtown: great options for large groups and meetings                    While I live a few blocks from the Brookside location, The Roasterie downtown is my go-to because it's much more quiet (do you sense a theme here?) Therefore, I only reserve my neighborhood location for quick coffee stops. The downtown location is where I frequent if scheduling meetings in the area or want to host a larger group, as they have a variety of table size options that can fit from five people to fifteen. Their coffee is good and so is the vibe.

4. Kaldi's Coffee - kc power & light district: the best cookies for a splurge + convenient location   I've recently grown a liking to Kaldi's Coffee. Located in the heart of the KC Power & Light District, this coffee "chain" is a Missouri favorite. In fact, I used to hit up one of the original spot back in my Journalism days in Columbia, MO. I go here when I'm in the area and am craving a vanilla latte. Plus, it's right next door to my client, Posh KC Blow Dry Bar. Coffee + blowouts are always a good pairing!

So, I shared my favorite spots to #GSD, where do you like to go (for my fellow Kansas City business owners)?!

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