KES Consult: Dotted Line Marketing

I seriously pinch myself every time I get the opportunity to work with a local business that is doing amazing things. I typically consult with small businesses that are locally-owned and operated and provide a service or product that fits within the "lifestyle" industry. So, it was fun to switch it up to sit down with a like-minded go-getter and marketing consultant in Kansas City. 

Meet Lane of Dotted Line Marketing. She has over a decade of experience as a marketing professional and currently runs a business that specializes in marketing and communications services for B-2-B companies in Kansas City. Sitting down with Lane during our first session over coffee was like chatting with an old friend. It was fun to chat industry trends and share our experiences with something that just gets it. Guys, repeat after me: community over competition!

While Lane has years and years of experience as a professional business owner, she wasn't sharing her knowledge on marketing with the world. Her robust client list was comprised solely from word-of-mouth opportunities, but she knew she was missing out on opportunities online. In fact, she didn't promote her business on her personal social media outlets and wasn't positioning herself as an expert in her daily life. It was time to launch a social media presence that highlights Lane's genuine personality and expertise in marketing.

The goal: to launch and build an Instagram for Dotted Line Marketing that is equal parts professional, educational and inspirational. I worked with Lane on developing the online brand voice, messaging and overall strategy before diving into the nitty gritty. From there, I stepped into the Dotted Line Marketing Office for a hands-on training on social media content creation. I shared my insider tips and tricks for creating stylish and strategic photos and graphics (all using an iPhone). Finally, we devised a launch plan for Dotted Line Marketing to kick off her new platform with a following supported by local ambassadors and influencers. 

The result: Nothing makes me happier than seeing business owners develop, create and share original content for their brand's social media. Lane caught on quickly and was able to execute the social media strategy plan by mixing in quick marketing messages that are educational AND fun, plus behind-the-scenes from her work with clients and in the Dotted Line office. 

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