5 Ways to Unplug

Working from home can be the best - and worst - depending on how you plan your time. On one hand, it's amazing to make your own schedule every day, have the option of wearing whatever you want, and getting to take advantage of running errands while everyone else is in the office. Raise your hand if you only go to Target (or other typically busy places) during off-hours! But the downside of working from the comfort of you home likely includes working longer hours than usual and having difficult unplugging. Are you guilty of working 80+ work weeks? No judgement.

I wanted to share a few tips on how to unplug DURING the work week. Weekends are a great time to relax and unwind, but sometimes you need a 5 or 15-minute break to get back on track. Here are the top five ways to unplug during the week that have worked for me!

1. Take a walk: So simple, right? But how often do you leave your house during the day? If the answer is 'hardly at all!' you may want to schedule in a walk (or even two!) throughout the day. Having a dog is a good excuse for me to get out and circle the block a few times, once in the morning and again in the afternoon. There is something about fresh air and a few minutes outside that gets my creative juices and endorphins going. Challenge yourself to leave your phone at home during your walk. Perk: it's a getting those steps in, while also helping you relax!

2. Take time to do something you LOVE: Once a week, I like to make time to do an activity I enjoy. This can be blogging or passion-project related, but I try to make it an activity that requires me to get out of the house and to do something. One of my favorite things to do is to run to the market to pick up fresh flowers. Making the arrangement is so enjoyable and relaxing to me! Or I'll squeeze in a quick manicure. Don't feel guilty! Think of it as an investment in YOU.

3. Take a Lunch Break: I am so, so guilty of working right through lunch. I've even gotten so bad that I would eat at my desk or schedule meetings over my lunch hour. Now, I try to take 15-minutes to prepare a healthy meal every day at-home and to either read or just do nothing (crazy, right?) as I enjoy my lunch. Even if it's just enough time to make a quick smoothie and read one interesting article, at least it gets your mind off of projects and helps you unwind!

4. Attend a Meet-up:  Do you keep skipping out on the awesome networking and coffee meet-up's due to "lack of time?" It won't hurt your business - and in fact, will likely help you - if you schedule in a few per month. Tip: be strategic in the meet-up's you attend. Try to mix it up and not go to the same events over and over. The goal should be to expand your circle and to make great connections - so get out of your comfort zone! Events I always make time for include Tuesday's Together by Rising Tide Society, Creative Chics - Coffee & Collaborations, and Social Media Club of Kansas City. Switch it up and try something new each month!

5. Take your office elsewhere: If taking a break from the computer isn't an option, one thing that always helps make the day go faster is to take my office elsewhere. Setting up shop at a co-working space, quiet coffee shop or the community space at my health club always feels a bit more fun than plugging away in my home office. Treat yourself to a yummy coffee or smoothie and plug in headphones to keep distractions at bay! If it's nice enough a park bench is always a good idea, too!

Do you have any tips on how to unplug during the work week? I promise the littlest steps can make a big improvement on your mindset. Let me know if you have suggestions that work for you!

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