Defining Your Brand

One question I answer for many of my clients is how to define their brand. It's something that is very important to overall communications and marketing strategy. For me, my 'brand' has always been a very clear vision in my head from the colors, messages and content that reflect my business AND personality. But I know that it's not always as easy for others to determine what their brand is. 

At first, I thought this would be a simple task as I already felt confident in my brand but it was nice to take time to put those visuals in my head and turn them into a clear image. This way, if I ever doubt my brand or decide to re-think what I am doing -- I can always come back to this image for a dose of inspiration or motivation. But after doing so, I learned a few things about my vision and how I can help others find theirs. Here are my tips:

1. Determine Your Colors: I chose 6 hues in varying shades of gray, white, pink and gold. These are colors that truly reflect my style, personality and brand. How did I know to choose these? Think about the core colors you always are drawn to - whether it's while shopping for clothing, putting on makeup or simply the photos you snap for your Instagram feed. After reflecting on this, did you notice a color theme? Don't worry about being on-trend, just be honest in sharing what the colors YOU love are and if they connect with your brand.

2. Finding Your Message: What are the words that you use often? Think about those and what they mean to you or for your brand. For me, I noticed that in my social media content I often use the same phrases, words and even hashtags. After a bit of evaluation, I narrowed those into three messages that reflect my brand: driven, fresh, inspiring, Driven because I keep going no matter what and have a strong worth ethic. Fresh like the flowers I keep in my house weekly, the bright and crisp images I am drawn to and the ideas that I share. Inspiring because I love connecting with those that inspire, but also try to share my own inspiration. 

3. Pulling the Inspiration: This is often the easiest step in the process. Hop on your Pinterest page to see what you've been pinning lately. Or, maybe it's the magazine pages you save. What are the types of images that you feel inspired from? For me, it's a mix of many things including blush-tone flower bouquets, bright white organized office spaces, classic clothing and makeup in neutral shades, bustling and busy cities (especially New York City), simply branded business collateral, and inspirational words in hand-lettered gold ink. While these don't necessarily have any connection, these images all truly resonate with me. 

Do you have a brand board that you keep on hand? If so, I would love to learn about the types of colors, images and messages that reflect your blog or business. Share your links to your brand board or Pinterest page and I will be sure to follow along! Find me on Pinterest here.

If you need help defining your brand, shoot me an email to I'd love to help you determine what makes you unique! Learn more about my brand consulting services here

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