Why I'm Bringing Back the Blog

Let's be honest. I'm officially the queen of starting (and stopping) blogging. But I am back with a fresh look and perspective and plans to stick it out this time. Honestly! If you've found your way here, thank you for stopping by! You probably already know that I am a full-time business owner and entrepreneur with a love for all things social. Which is why I am back to blogging. 

My 'blogging background' is a long and bumpy one.

My first "real" blog (not counting a few Xanga, Livejournal & Tumblr accounts) launched in 2008. I wanted to document my experiences in my early career journey - as a public relations assistant living in New York City. After landing a full-time job in my hometown of Kansas City at a creative marketing agency, I decided to re-brand and start fresh. My goal? To blog about my love for style and share insider perspective on my career as a 20-something. Cliche, I know. That short lived lifestyle blog (I'll spare you the name  - but it included the words: everyday & chic) was filled with mostly fashion and lifestyle content. But if you know anything about the public relations industry, it's quite demanding - with long hours in the office by day and events by night. Therefore, my content became few and far between. Plus, I faced a few challenges balancing keeping my work and blog brand on the same page. I decided to ditch the blog and focus on my passion: building a successful career.

After a few years at the agency, I transitioned from the office to working from home as a full-time contractor from a Los Angeles based beauty PR firm. My perspective on style evolved and I quickly realized that while working from home had it's perks (like getting to make your own schedule + wear pajamas occasionally), my hours expanded as I added more and more to my plate. In my brain, creating my own scheduling meant having more time to do 'all the things' I'd held off on.

Fast forward two years and I found myself at another fork in the road. I was taking on my own clients on the side, and after a few interesting twists decided to turn my passion into my full-time. I launched Kathryn Elise Studio, LLC - a creative consulting agency and haven't looked back since. At the same time, a passion project - Go Blog Social - I launched with a local blogger was taking off and I was putting in more hours as the Director of PR for Kansas City Fashion Week. 

Long story short, blogging was not an option. My business took all of the energy, sweat, creativity, and drive that I had in my body. I worked the hardest I ever had before in my first year as a full-time business owner. I experienced extreme high's and devastating low's. So days I cry out of pure happiness and bewilderment that I get to wake up and do exactly what I love everyday. And some days I want to cry, pull out all of my hair and move to a foreign county. But after a year, I've started to somewhat grasp that balance doesn't exist, hard work AND being nice does pay off and that you can do whatever you want in life as long as you believe in yourself.

Stepping off my soapbox now.

So, here I am. Getting ready to enter year two of being full-time as a business owner and ready to try something new. I'm hoping that this will become a creative space for me to share insight on my work and projects, advice for small businesses and solopreneurs, as well as a dose of style. 

I'm not going to put pressure for this to be perfect and hope that it will just happen. 

Thank you for following along! Please don't hesitate to reach out or connect.

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