Why You Need Business Cards


I have received so many questions about how I find time to run my marketing company, manage motherhood and this blog all at the same time. So, I thought I would spill some of my secrets on how I’ve built my brand and the tips that have helped me grow.

Most importantly, if you have a creative side hustle or “fun project” - like a blog and want it to be successful, you have to treat it like a BUSINESS.

What does that mean? It’s being proud to talk about it to others publicly and not just on social media. It means having the right tools handy in case any great networking opportunities arise. It means creating systems for your blog, so that you can keep it running without interrupting your day-to-day work schedule and everything else. Here are some of the tips that have helped me grow my blog and run it like a business.


Create Business Cards You LOVE

If you are that person that gets so nervous talking about your blog or side hustle, you have to learn to grow beyond that and learn to be proud of what you’ve created or are building! When I would attend events or have conversations about what I do, I would always leave out my creative outlet - my blog, and focus on my marketing work instead. But you would be surprised that people are truly interested in your creative side!

So, one way I have learned to get over that fear is to have business cards made both for my business and my blog. That way, I can gauge who is interested in either my services or just connecting via my blog and keep the conversation going after meeting in-person. I still believe there is power in a beautiful business card.

When creating a business card, there are SO many options. I typically order mine at the beginning of each year in bulk to have handy. But I definitely got into a rut of ordering the same look and style year-after-year. This year, I wanted to switch things up! Especially if I wanted mine to stand out among the rest when attending networking events or passing them out after coffee consultations.

So, I found these clear plastic business cards on Basic Invite that are beautifully made. I love that they are simple, yet make a big impact. How often do you see clear plastic business cards? Mine before were always on a white paper.

Basic Invite offers hundreds of beautiful and one-of-a-kind business card designs. I also really love their foil business cards as something different to make your brand shine! No matter which style you pick, you should customize your business cards to reflect your brand. Incorporate your brand colors or add your logo to make your brand standout. I love that Basic Invite has unlimited color options and a variety of styles to pick from.

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Beyond business cards, I also like to have branded marketing materials for my blog. I keep my Media Kit updated for any opportunities, but also love to have branded stationary and Thank You cards. I think there is power in sending a thoughtful Thank You card. I will send them to clients or to people I work with who have helped provide referrals or support me. Sometimes, it’s the littlest gestures that can make YOU memorable.

You can also find beautiful stationary on Basic Invite. It truly is a one-stop destination for your business! I highly recommend either their foil business cards or clear plastic business cards!


Schedule time to work on your blog

This tip may seem obvious, but it’s so helpful. I now have set days and timeframes that I will work on my blog. This is important to me because I do have to maintain my client work and time to be a mom.

So, I now work on writing my blog posts on Sunday (daytime) and Monday (evening). It’s something I truly look forward to and then I can knock out a week’s worth of posts ahead of time. For content, I try to shoot only on Monday afternoon’s (which are slower days with my work) and I schedule one professional shoot each month to help me stock up on photos. The light in the afternoon is best for natural light photography, which I prefer!

Besides creating content, I also keep a Google Doc that lists out my blog post ideas and editorial calendar with any upcoming campaigns or holiday reminders to stay on track. This keeps me organized so when I do have time to work on my blog, I am being intentional. It’s so important to have a PLAN for your blog. If you wing it everyday, you will end up wasting so much time and energy.

Finally, I keep a spreadsheet of any paid or trade opportunities I have from the blog. I know people don’t want to hear about the business side of blogging, but if you want to be profitable, this is KEY. I like to see the campaigns I have worked on each month to review what worked vs. what didn’t and to review which campaigns were the best opportunity to build my brand. That way, I can always be evaluating and tweaking my process. You must track your finances in order to treat your blog like a business!

Please note: I blog because I love it. I actually have a Journalism degree because writing was my first love. I re-launched my blog because I have all of these stories and tips that I want to share as a new mom and business owner. Making some money each month is just icing on the cake! Trust me, it’s not a lot - or enough to quit my business. I think of it as “fun money” that helps cover the expenses of running a blog, like maintaining my domain, purchasing materials (like business cards), paying my photographer for shoots, etc. If you pour your heart into your content and share what you love, there is no harm in making money!

This blog post is sponsored by Basic Invite, a brand I truly love and support.

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