Easter Basket Essentials

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I am SO excited to celebrate Easter with Ford this year. Even though he won’t remember it, I want to start our family traditions now.  

Fun Fact: last Easter, we did our gender reveal with family by putting chocolates covered in blue wrappers in Easter eggs. It was a fun way to surprise our family! 

I decided to plan our Easter Basket for Ford early knowing that stores often get cleared of inventory quickly. I went into my Target with a goal to not spend more than $60 and to stick to items that Ford really needs. I would call myself a ‘minimalist mama’ and don’t like having lots of stuff, so really was trying to avoid buying anything that he wouldn’t need, want or use. Here was my plan:  

  • Something to eat

  • Something to wear

  • Something for fun  

  • Something he needs

Here is what I ended up getting... 

  • Happy Baby Organics puffs (to put inside colorful eggs) because it doesn’t feel like Easter if there isn’t some kind of treat to enjoy, right? We love this brand of puffs because it doesn’t have a ton of ingredients and I went with the carrot flavor to go with the holiday theme.

  • Burts Bee’s Baby sleeveless summer onesies. Ford doesn’t have much clothing for 12-months, so I thought it would be good to give him something for the summer. This brand is one of our favorites because they last through lots of washes and are always so soft.

  • Infantino Bath Toys (Easter-themed) check your Target’s Easter section for these! I love that they had baby items to include in the baskets and these are fun, but are definitely something that we will use. Ford loves bath time!

  • Cloud Island baby plates & place mat: I saw these and had to have them! Ford is eating solid foods 3x a day and he loves to feed himself, but makes a mess! I thought the cute silicone placemat would be perfect to put over his highchair or to bring with us to restaurants to contain the mess. And the plates are just for fun to get him used to eating out of! Plus, how cute are the matching utensils?

  • Rope Basket - I decided to go with a cute grey basket that we could use for Ford instead of a traditional Easter basket. I thought it would be fun to make the container part of our tradition, giving him something different to organize his things each year! I feel like this is something I could get really creative with year-after-year. For this year, this basket will be perfect for containing his toys!

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