Hello, Third Trimester!


And just like that, we are in the third trimester! It’s so crazy how fast this pregnancy is going. On one hand, I’ve really enjoyed being pregnant and all of the changes that come with it, but I’m also so eager to meet this baby boy! The third trimester just seemed to come so fast. Maybe it was because we packed a lot into the last few weeks of our second trimester? Either way, I have a feeling the rest of this pregnancy is going to fly by.

How I’m feeling  

I’m feeling so good! There were a few weeks in the 2nd trimester that I felt a little exhausted, but overall I’m feeling great, so far! I’ve definitely started to embrace the belly. I love that it’s now obvious that I’m pregnant - and doesn’t look like I’ve just gained weight. I’ve been wearing more fitted clothing and am not as worried about concealing the bump, which is perfect timing with the temperatures heating up!

My favorite thing right now? Feeling this baby boy kick and move! I started feeling flutters and small kicks in the second trimester, but now I can watch my belly move! It’s so interesting to see when he’s awake and active. Luckily, he’s not keeping me up at night! 

Health & Fitness  

I kept up my workouts through the 2nd trimester (4-5 classes at Health House per week), but am starting to feel myself slow down now that I’m in the third trimester. I’ve been going to around 3-4 classes per week and am doing less of the cardio and focusing on the weight lifting classes. I modify in class as needed and am learning to give myself grace when the things that were once easy can now feel challenging. I’ve also had to decrease the weights I lift as I grow (and gain baby weight).

Overall, I’m trying to balance working out because I love it and it’s such a stress reliever for me mentally, while also being more careful about my movements as I near the end of pregnancy. On the bright side, the sunny weather makes it easier to fit in daily walks with my dog!

At this point, I’ve gained about 17lbs at 29 weeks and am feeling really comfortable in my body. I have a feeling I’ll have another growth spurt soon, as I’ve been starving lately!


My appetite has significantly increased since entering the third trimester! It’s amazing how your body knows exactly what to do for baby. My first trimester was all about “cold” foods - smoothies, yogurt bowls, salads, etc. In the second trimester, I loved steak, dried apricots and avocados...and now that I’m in the final stretch, nothing is off limits. I’ve started to add more snacks to my daily meals and am eating smaller portions, but more frequently. I have to eat every two hours otherwise I feel completely drained of all energy!

I still love a yogurt bowl with granola, but also feel myself needing ore carbs than before. My recent obsessions have been the crustless PB&J sandwiches, tzatiki dipping sauce from Trader Joe’s with pita crisps and snack mixes that include nuts, dried fruits and chocolate. As I get closer to the end, I’ve definitely indulged in a few not-so-healthy cravings, too - like kettle chips and chocolate chip cookies. 


In the second trimester, we accomplished a lot! We gave every room in our house a fresh coat of paint, decluttered each room & closet, and bought lots of new furniture. I definitely went straight into nesting mode!

We also started a few of our baby classes. Now that we’re in the final stretch, my focus is on decorating the nursery, attending our baby showers, finalizing my maternity leave plan for my business, doing our hospital tour, and relaxing/spending time with the husband before we become a family of three.


My goal is to enjoy these last few weeks and to enjoy every moment.