December Update

November came and went and honestly felt like the fastest month of this entirely too fast year. I think the amount I travel I experienced paired with the kick off to the holiday made a big impact on this. Not to mention, the fact the days feel so short lately thanks to the time change. 

Regardless, I wanted to share brief update on what has been going on around here. I started the month by leaving Chicago (for our Go Blog Social conference trip) and was home for two days before packing up again. On top of only have a short break between two trips, the Kansas City Royals just happened to win the World Series (yeah, #KC!), which meant a day off to celebrate with the entire city and 800,000 of my closest friends. From there, I packed my car to head to St. Louis. 

If you didn't hear all about my St. Louis trip, I had a fun opportunity to explore the city with the Midwest Influencer Network. What exactly did this mean? Shopping, dining out at some of the best local spots and getting to hang out with some pretty amazing bloggers from all over the Midwest. Not only did I leave with a fresh perspective on the city, but I made some pretty cool friendships with go-getter women that are doing amazing things - like Arin of Heart of Chic. I returned from the 5-day trip feeling completely drained and ready to relax. 

No time for that. Getting back to Kansas City after being away for so long meant playing major catch up. I went into full-on work mode before the holiday week with a goal to take off the day before Thanksgiving through the weekend. The hard work paid off and we packed up (again) this time, to drive across the state of Missouri to visit both sides of our families for the holiday. It was so nice to take time off to disconnect. My husband's family lives in the country, which means very slllloowwwww Internet and it gave me an excuse to not work. I loved being able to see all of our family members and it was a holiday to remember.

The month seemed to end abruptly, partly thanks to the long weekend. And now we are putting the final touches on for 2016 plans + proposals for our clients, while also finalizing details for events planned for the year ahead. I can already tell that this next year is going to be a tough one. But I am up for the challenge and eager to end this month (and year) on a positive + productive note! Cheers to 20-something days left in 2015 and the potential to make this next one even better. What have you been up to this past month?


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