Staying Relaxed While Traveling

                                               (image via from my stay at  Hotel Felix )

                                               (image via from my stay at Hotel Felix)

The past few months have been filled with travel. I've frequented Los Angeles, Mexico, Chicago (twice), and St. Louis this season. Not that I'm complaining. But it does get wearing after spending more days in a hotel room (and living out of your suitcase) than being home. My husband travels for work often and I've learned to turn to him for advice on packing the essentials and making sure I don't miss my flight. But staying relaxed has always been a struggle.

Something up cramped flights (why do I always get the middle seat?), long taxi rides and hotel rooms leave me feeling anxious over relaxed. I've learned my lesson and now will pay extra to have a car service waiting and will spend a bit more - or at least search for a better deal - when it comes to picking my hotel room, but that only makes so much of a difference. I wouldn't dub myself 'a travel expert,' but wanted to share my tips on how to stay relaxed while traveling for work. 

1. Keep water on hand. I never drink enough water when I'm traveling or when I arrive to my destination. Not drinking enough water is not a good look for me. My skin breaks out or looks extra dull, the bags under my eyes get darker and I look and feel more bloated. To resolve this, I've learned to bring 2 large water bottles with me when I travel. One to fill up and carry in my tote and the other to keep chilled in my hotel fridge. No fridge in your room? Ask for one. More than often the concierge are more than happy to bring one up for you. 

2. Bring a pampering, de-stress kit. This probably sounds insane, but if I know I'm going to be staying at a hotel for several days - I bring a little survival kit of my pampering essentials. Don't rely on your hotel to have everything you need! For me, that always includes a face mask (individual sheets work best for travel), deep conditioner (to add moisture back to my hair), essential oils, and my everyday hair and skincare essentials in travel-size. A hot shower, face mask and few minutes relaxing in bed can do wonders. 

3. Don't work from bed. Just because you are staying in a hotel room doesn't mean you must work from the only space there is - the bed. Get out and explore your hotel for a free WiFi spot - like a cafe or lobby area to get work done. Not an option? Starbucks is always a safe choice. Working from bed is not a healthy or productive habit. If you don't do this from home, there is no reason for you to do this while traveling for work. 

Thank you to Hotel Felix for providing me a relaxing experience during my trip to Chicago! This stylish boutique hotel was the perfect place to stay while finalizing details for Go Blog Social and prepping for the conference. From the beautiful lobby area to exceptional customer service and incredible dining options ( I highly recommend Dolce!), I couldn't imagine a better hotel for our annual trip. I will definitely be back for round two at this beautiful hotel!

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