Our Holiday Bucket List

The holiday season is the best time of year! It’s always been a special time and it’s even more exciting having a baby to celebrate with. Over the years, we’ve created a few traditions as a married couple, but are looking forward to creating new ones with Ford. I’ve decided to create a holiday bucket list of different things to try this season and we will see what sticks for future years!

  • Take a Christmas Card Photo: we’ve already done this and I am SO glad we did! There is something so special about having a Christmas Card to look back on each year and I am so thankful that we have a baby to add to ours this holiday. A friend of mine saves a card each year and adds to a photo album that she will gift to her kids once they are older. I think this is the best idea and one I will have to borrow!

  • Decorate the tree as a family: we just did this over the weekend and it was fun to watch Ford be so entranced by the lights and ornaments! We’ve always decorated the tree together and it was fun to have Ford there this year. We usually go to the tree farm to pick out a real one, but we decided to wait on that tradition until he’s a bit older and it’s not as cold out! For now, our flocked tree is perfect!

  • Start an ornament collection: Our ornament collection is a mix of things from my husband’s childhood and mine, along with newer ones we’ve collected over the four years we’ve been married. So, we are excited to carry on our families traditions of creating a collection for Ford. This year, I picked out the cutest neutral bear ornament from Pink Antlers shop (if you are in Kansas City - you have to check out their store) and had it custom hand lettered by Gale Nation. It turned out so cute! I don’t think I am going to stick to a theme for the collection, but instead pick out something unique each year that represents his favorite things.

  • Give back to a family in need: in the past, we have supported charities that help families and children in need. From donating our time to serve a warm meal at homeless shelter or collecting gifts and warm weather clothing, it’s important for us to teach Ford that this time of year is not just about gift giving, but helping others. This year, I am dropping off a few gifts for KidsTLC at a toy drive my client is hosting!

  • Bake cookies with Grandma: baking is one of our favorite holiday traditions and even though Ford can’t taste test this year, I will be bringing him to grandma’s house to partake in the festivities. I love the idea of Ford learning his grandma’s favorite cookie recipes and hope he cherishes this tradition as much as we do. Not only do we bake, but we turn on the holiday tunes and will help her decorate their home.

  • Wear holiday pajamas on Christmas Eve: this is one tradition my sister and I started a few years ago and I plan to carry on now with our little family. On Christmas Eve, we give each member of the family a new pair of Christmas pajamas in a coordinating print (often from Old Navy) to wear for Christmas Day. It makes a fun photo and is a fun gift to open before Christmas. Plus, who doesn’t love new pajamas?

  • Have a traditional Christmas movie marathon: I couldn’t create a bucket list for the holiday without adding a Christmas movie marathon! All you need is a cup of eggnog, some cookies and the classics. Our favorite are ‘Christmas Family Vacation,’ ‘Elf’, ‘Love, Actually’, ‘The Grinch’, ‘Muppets Christmas Carol’, and ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.’ But there are so many good ones!

That’s it for now! I am sure we will add new traditions to our list each year as Ford gets older. It’s such a special time and I am excited to start new traditions and mix in ones that have been passed down.

What are some of your holiday traditions? I would love to hear! Let’s keep the conversation going on Instagram (@thekathrynelise)

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